[11.11.11]MJFCVN’s Birthday: Four years for a legend

Four years have passed since the first launch day of MJFCVN. Yep, it has been four years full of memories. There has been rise and fall, up and down of MJFCVN, but one thing is obvious: MJFCVN keeps standing and growing.

What makes me surprised most is a new generation of Michael Jackson’s fans. I still remember the moment The King of Pop passed away, leaving his loyal fans crying around the world. It is a solid proof for the L.O.V.E message, the loyalty from the fans that any artist might dream of. After his death, Michael Jackson seems to be alive more than ever. Up to now, people keep talking about him, praying for him as the greatest icon entertainer of all time.

In the past few years. MJFCVN has been the host for many events dedicated to all Michael Jackson’s fans in Vietnam. From small offline parties to big tribute shows, it is well-known that MJFCVN has done its best to gather people of all ages to come together and enjoy the power of Michael Jackson’s music.

“Dancing the dream” was hosted to promote Moondancing in Vietnam. Many new talented Moondancers have been found.

Four years for a legend

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