15Minutesnow Online Dance Contest, from Daily Winner to Weekly Winner?

15minutesnow Online Dance Contest

I am attending an online dance contest held by 15minutesnow. I’ve been promoted to “Daily Winner” of 25/06. That’s a surprising co-incident because 25/06 is the memorial day of Michael Jackson. I do hope that MJ’s spirit will be always by my side.

When I uploaded my “Smooth Criminal Remix” Moondancing video, I did not expect it to win. It was the remix I performed at Vietnam’s got talent show and got rejected, so I considered it as a “bad luck”. But now things are turning out great and I must do something to promote it. According to their customer service’s email, “The judges are everyone in the world that signs up, it’s whoever has the most votes”. So, I really need your help in voting for my video: Smooth Criminal Remix.

So, please register an account at 15minutesnow and vote for me.
Thank you so much!

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