2011: A Look Back with Tu Michael


2012 has finally come! This post has been exactly posted on 0:00 January 1st, 2012. The funny thing is this has been written the day before and should have been posted on December 31st, 2011. So, when I mean “today”, it is actually “yesterday”.
Today I still worked at Vietcombank until 8.15pm, and it will be the same for tomorrow (!). Don’t be surprised. It’s the end of the year and I am banker. Although the Heineken Countdown Party looks very interesting and it is very near my place, I have no intention to go out. It is cold and crammed with people. Instead, I am sitting by the keyboard, typing a new post for my blog. It’s high time to take a look back at 2011 to see what I have achieved throughout the year!

Tu Michael in Singapore
Tu Michael in Singapore

1.Moondancing performance in Singapore
This should be placed at the top of the list, because it happened in early 2011 (February) and I had a really good performance. I worked as both director’s assistant and performer. For the first time in my life, I had a whole week to explore Singapore freely!


2.Join Fiverr Community and start earning money online
I must say it was my luck to come across Fiverr. It has brought me to MMO (make money online) world. Up to now, I have earned more than 500 USD and this amount is still increasing with positive testimonials from buyers. I know you will not believe until you see my Fiverr payment proof. My Moondancing gig was even placed on the Fiverr Facebook Page. I even received six fiverr gig orders in one day! Thanks to Fiverr, I began to know other Make Money Online methods such as URL shortener, appredeem, or even some tips and tricks, etc

3. Start blogging on tumichael.com
Yep, I was inspired to start blogging by reading a guiding book in Singapore on building a successful online business. The book suggested I keep track the business by blogging. I decided to start blogging in English although it is not my first language. Later, I found it extremely helpful to communicate with people from different countries. Tu Michael Dot Com? Sounds great. Who knows if one day it can be as well-known as John Chow Dot Com?


4. An unforgettable birthday party
In 2010, I held my birthday party as a special event, or rather, a small show to celebrate “10 years of Moondancing”. And it was so amazing that I really wanted to experience it once again. Therefore, my birthday party was also held as a special but smaller show. Actually, I had intended to make it merely a birthday party. “It will be a contest that Moondancers will show their Moondancing skills”. But after some consideration and discussion, I changed my intention, which lead to..

5. Moondancing contest – “Dancing the dream Season 1”
Yeah, my intention was changed. My birthday party did not include the contest. And luckily it did not. If it had been included in the party, it would have never become such a big and amazing Moondancing Contest! And I was honored to be one of the four judges.

6. Meet Hoang Vu (VUS) – a stylist and fashion designer
I could not attend the final round of “Dancing the dream Season 1” due to a show in Nha Trang City. And maybe it was destined to be like that, I would not have to regret much because it was compensated by meeting a very talented stylist and fashion designer , Hoang Vu (VUS). He had offered me a big awesome Michael Jackson costume collection with a really good price. And this collection had hit the headlines as the biggest Michael Jackson clothing collection in Vietnam!

Michael Jackson and more
Tu Michael in “Michael Jackson and more”

7. A really successful performance in “Michael Jackson and more” tribute show
A brand new performance with laser light effects (Ghosts Is it scary Remix). A brand new outfit (Black Wings). Highest MJ’s spirit ever. Professional choreographer and background dancers. Improved Moodancing skill. Those are elements to make my performance a huge success in “Michael Jackson and more” tribute show!

8. Offline meeting with Clasen – a Moondancer from Denmark
I met a really amazing foreign Moondancer after “Michael Jackson and more” tribute show and invited him to join an offline meeting with MJFCVN. We had a memorable street performance at Thong Nhat park. We felt like members in a big family that had known one another for so long. It was such an unforgettable memory!

9. Study SEO at Litado (SEO Expert Training Camp) – an initial step into Internet Marketing world
I had spent a lot of time reading so many documents to study SEO, but I felt it was not enough. So I decided to look for a course to have a real-deal training. It was my luck again to have selected a very useful course to learn SEO at Litado! After completing the course, I felt much more confident to start walking in Internet Marketing world.

10. Upgrade my little Neverland working place
Yeah, my little Neverland is just my working room, not to mention the bed room which I don’t usually use because I spend most of my time in the working room. And this working place has been upgraded a lot with a huge mirror hanging on the wall, Logitech Z5500 sound system with 4 speakers at every corner of the room, a huge and modern working desk, a 42-inch-LCD-TV screen, a giant killer Cooler Master PC Case, Sennheiser 333D PC Gaming Headset, etc. It is ideal to work with great pleasure and offer a better service for my Fiverr gigs, especially when buyers order the gig “Dance like Michael Jackson”.

11. Moondancing Training
2011 was a year for training, not performing. I have worked as a private Moondancing trainer. Up to now, I have trained a lot of Moondancers, both boys and girls. And some of them are really young and talented, especially those from Hoa My Club. Not to mention Dang Quan, an extremely talented young boy who is gonna be the best Moondancer I have ever trained. I am also in charge of a Moondancing Club at FPT University and Moondancing Online Training Course for Thegioinhac (produced by Nhacvietplus).


12. Behind the mask Official Video Clip
I was honored to be chosen among thousands of submitted clips all over the world to appear in the official video clip “Behind the mask”. Although it was just a short moment but it gave me an incredible feeling!

13. Vietnam’s Got Talent
Last but not least, I participated in Vietnam’s Got Talent (!). The fun part is that one of my most talented and profound disciple has also taken part in the contest. Well, I would rather say much about this but one thing: I will try my best to prove the magic of Moondancing and MJ’s spirit!

Well, such a long list, rite? Are you surprised to know it is not a full list? For example, I have not mentioned how I worked with Tosy JSC, FPT art talk, etc. Ah, please don’t forget that I also have a nine-to-five job as a banker of Vietcombank (!). 2011 is coming to an end. I don’t know what I may achieve more in 2012, but…
“I don’t know how far I may go. But one thing is certain, I will never stop!”
See you next year (which means tomorrow haha)

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