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Today I was really surprised to receive an email from entitled “x19 Limited sent you $5.53 USD”. At first I thought it was a spam, but when I logged in my account, I saw the money was indeed transferred directly to my paypal account. Isn’t it incredible? I have written a blog post discussing what is the best URL shortener to make money, in which I recommended

Well well, 5 bucks are nothing compared to 1000 bucks I have earned from Fiverr but it’s still fun to have some bucks to buy candy, isn’t it? So, it’s time to sit back, grab a candy and enjoy the trophy!
If you want to have some bucks to buy candy like me, please click here or the banner on the top to register an account, read my posts in “make money online” category and start rolling in! Happy earning!

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August 7, 2012
August 11, 2012

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