An Honest Review of Daniel Chan’s Gold-Making Guide

Diablo 3 BillionaireI don’t often take the time to write reviews about anything, but in this particular case I can’t help myself. I’ll begin with a little background information about myself and my situation. I’ve been scammed by a few “game guides” in the past. They’ve contained no real information, just standard things that could be easily seen with a simple Google search. I’ve also dealt with guides containing completely irrelevant or out of date information in the past. My past experiences have made me highly skeptic when it comes to purchasing any online guides for any games.

After struggling with earning gold in Diablo for a while, I looked to the internet for answers. I couldn’t really find any great information pertaining to the best areas to farm gold, which was my main interest in my searches. Eventually, I stumbled upon the blog of a man named Daniel Chan. He claimed that he was the first Diablo 3 gold billionaire. He recorded his progress through his blog, not detailing his exact methods, but more or less totaling up how much gold he could earn in each day. After keeping up with his blog for a few days, I decided that when his guide came out I’d have to give it a shot. If the things he was claiming he could do were true, he was pulling down easily 100 times more gold a day than I was, which is really saying something, because I am far from bad at video games.

I got his guide right when it became available and am happy to say it really does work. For the first time I was not disappointed by lackluster content and obsolete information. Daniel Chan has really put together something special. His guide contains the best Diablo 3 information I’ve ever seen. Through the use of his runs and legal manipulation of the auction house by buying low and selling high, I have been able to make about 100 million gold per day. I would absolutely recommend checking this guide out at Diablo 3 Billionaire.

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