Bad Tour in Wembley DVD Review

Michael Jackson’s legendary July 16, 1988 concert at Wembley Stadium. The concert is not a compilation of performances, but rather one complete show, exactly as Michael performed it for Prince Charles, Princess Diana and the 72,000 fans who were in the audience for that night s sold out show. The DVD was sourced from Michael Jackson’s personal VHS copy of the performance as shown on the JumboTrons during the concert. This footage was only recently unearthed and is the only known copy of the show to exist. The visuals have been restored and the audio quality enhanced so that fans can share in the excitement of that famous night.

Some sites might write the DVD only runs for 60 minutes. I want to clarify that it’s a misprint. They recently released the track listing for the DVD and CDs.

Bad Tour Live DVD at Wembley Stadium July 16, 1988:

1. Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’
2. This Place Hotel
3. Another Part Of Me
4. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You
5. She’s Out Of My Life
6. I Want You Back / The Love You Save / I’ll Be There
7. Rock With You
8. Human Nature
9. Smooth Criminal
10. Dirty Diana
11. Thriller
12. Bad Groove (the Band Jam section)
13. Working Day And Night
14. Beat It
15. Billie Jean
16. Bad
17. Man In The Mirror (Encore)

And Bonus Tracks Include:
1. The Way You Make Me Feel (Performed at Wembley the previous night, July 15, 1988) (This is the only song not performed on July 16th due to the late start of that night’s show.)

2. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (Performed at Yokohama Stadium, September, 1987)
3. Bad (Performed at Yokohama Stadium, September, 1987)

Want more magic? Please check this out:

Bad 25th Anniversary Edition (Deluxe Edition 3 CD/ 1 DVD)

I just saw the performance of “another part of me” from this dvd that was released for preview yesterday…so incredible! No one could do it like Michael! I’m not sure where the other reviewers are getting the one hour length from. In the product description it says the length of the dvd is 135 minutes (two hours and 15 minutes). So excited for this to be released!

As a Moondancer and a huge faithful fan of The King of Pop, I highly recommend you buy this DVD whether you are his fan or not. Just click the banner to buy it at the best price on Amazon. If you purchase this item via my link, please send me your invoice number to receive an exclusive bonus from me! Keep Michaeling!

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