“Blood on the dance floor” – Kandy Club

Michael Jackson’s birthday is coming and it seems that The King’s legacy still remains with a huge army of his fans all over the world. Just look at any online Michael Jackson fan clubs, his birthday is still planned to be celebrated with different activities. And MJFCVN (Michael Jackson’s fan club in Vietnam) isn’t an exception.
Yesterday, an offline meeting party was held at Kandy Club, Hanoi to celebrate Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday. It was a small and warm party with many performances by many Moondancers. And again, I chose “Blood on the dance floor” to warm up the party.

There are some differences in comparison with the one I performed for 808 Dance Community. For outfit, I wore Black Wings jacket, a Billie Jean glove and a micro. I rarely use micro in my performances because it might limit my dance moves. But this time, it seems to be okay to use micro, especially with a good beginning of “Hee hee Hoo Hoo Waow” warming sounds.
I especially like the dance moves at 00:35-00:39, they were really blended in the melody and went accordingly to the drum.
The “sexy” move occurred during 00:54 was really..sexy. You could hear the audience screaming.
Besides good points, there were also some errors (I am also a perfectionist like Michael). The fast moves at 01:01 were too complicated and did not go well with the music. The “jumping offstage” was not neat and it made me almost slip. And it was really embarrassed for me to do a wrong timing with the finish move at the end.
However, the performance was highly appreciated by MRMK, a close friend of mine and also one of a few dancers that I admire most. He said my performance was qualified as professional, it was really different from other Moondancers and it really warmed up the party. For me, MRMK’s words were most worthy and trusted. No matter how good or bad comments from others for my performance, if MRMK said it was good, then good it was and vice versa.
In my opinion, in comparison with the one I performed for 808 Dance Community, this performance was more powerful but it lacked some precise and neat moves. What a pity that the camera was blocked by some audience so the view was not clear enough to see other moves.
I will be uploading the other videos tomorrow in a new post which will be considered as a tribute for The King of Pop on his birthday.

6 thoughts on ““Blood on the dance floor” – Kandy Club

  1. Man you did good, I like it when you jump down from the stage. Don’t worry about the endning, I think we all made the same mistake ones or more in a show. Trust me you did very good. I just wish that I was there, miss you all!

  2. One day there are 3 men. The first man said. “I am the best rapper in Viet Nam”the second man said I am the best guitar player in Vietnam. The 3rd man said i am the best moondancer in VietNam.

    After the contest
    3 men meet. The first man said I won the prize: Best rapper
    The 2nd men said I won the : Guitar of the yeah”
    The 3th men said angry:

    I mean you are great. Keep going :)

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