Cannot pre-purchase “Guild Wars 2” via paypal? This is how I bought the game

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchased via paypalIf you are trying to buy “Guild Wars 2”, you may encounter a problem with the payment method like I did.
I tried many times with my paypal/credit card, but the payment can’t go through. It showed “An error occurred finalizing your purchase.”

I contacted Guild Wars 2 Customer Support Team, they said something about my purchase attempt is being perceived as high risk by their system. They suggested me buy from an authorized online retailer who has the game available for purchase.

However, after discussing with them, they allowed my account to buy the game via paypal within 24 hours. You can read their email to me from the image in this post. So, just keep negotiating with them! As you can see from the email’s time, they are very responsive. I’ve played the Beta and it was amazing! This game is gonna be a big hit so don’t miss it! See you in-game and please add me TUMICHAEL.9056!

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If you are still having difficulties in purchasing Guild Wars 2 via paypal, you can simply buy the game from Amazon with a bonus offer here:

But remember to act quickly because Guild Wars 2 is often out of stock on Amazon!

3 thoughts on “Cannot pre-purchase “Guild Wars 2” via paypal? This is how I bought the game

  1. i have the same exact problem, submitted 2 tickets and havent gotten a reply since I posted the first which is like 36 hours ago

    1.  @DashZamri have u got the reply yet? i think they are just so busy with the launching.hope u can pre-purchase cause the game is available in the next 13 hours for those who’s pre-purchased

      1.  @Tu Michael  yea i finally got a reply, had to answer a few questions im guessing for verification. But its not gonna be quick so I got my sis in US to purchase first

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