Dance like Michael Jackson to promote your products

I am a professional Michael Jackson impersonator in Vietnam, or rather, a Moondancer. I will wear Michael Jackson’s style outfits, dance like Michael Jackson to your favorite music, even if it is not Michael Jackson’s song. This is a very good way to promote your site, products or services because Michael Jackson’s dance moves are really unique and there are not so many people can dance like him with a real spirit of The King of Pop!
I myself have been practicing and performing for more than ten years. I even have trained many disciples to be Moondancers who attended “Dancing the dream” contest. My dance moves are Professional GUARANTEED! You can google “Tu Michael” and see for yourselves!

Now, if you have no idea what Fiverr is. Please read my previous post on Fiverr. The video below is a promo one that was made by me mas one of my Fiverr gigs is editting a video as your request.

Among my Fiverr gigs, “Dancing like Michael Jackson” is undoubtly the most popular. Until now I have received a huge amount of orders and earned hundreds of bucks from Fiverr merely by Moondancing. Some buyers even ordered multiple times. And all of my works have received tremendous positive feedbacks. You can check both my Fiverr Payment Proof and Testimonials on my Moondancing skill for a clear evidence and view.

Moondancing to your music with Michael Jackson style outfits requires a lot of efforts, not mentioning some extra requests that I often receive. And since there has been a significant increase in number of orders recently, I would like to divide this gig into different specific sections. Hope you don’t mind spending some extra bucks.

1. Moondancing to an orginal Michael Jackson song: 5 USD
2. Moondancing to your own favorite song: +5 USD
3. Wear accessories, hold a sign or use a tool as your request: +5 USD
4. Add a video watermark, say or do something as your request: +5 USD

You can order extra gigs to meet your requirements. This will give me motivation to continue my work and I guarantee my Moondancing skill will worth-every-penny satisfy you.
The order process is very simple:
1. Watch the videos on my Youtube Channel to see if I am good enough
2. Send me your music (2-3 minute long) along with your order. It is up to you to order on Fiverr or my blog. I will have a promotion such as dance to an extra song if you order on my blog.
3. Give me detailed request such as: what moves i should focus (moonwalk, robot,etc), should i hold anything to promote ur products?..
4. Since Fiverr attachment function sucks, as soon as the video is finished, it will be uploaded via an online file hosting and sharing service such as fileserve, filesonic, etc.
5. I will send you the download link. Please don’t think I am trying to make some bucks by making you download.
6. I am really a busy bee. Normally I will deliver my work after 3 days but sometimes it may take up to 7 days so please be patient and stay tune for my final work.

So, that’s all about my Moondancing gig on Fiverr. Look forward to your orders. Until then, enjoy your time at my Youtube Channel or check Testimonials from my customers to decide.

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  1. hi, man. sorry about the confusion. the fiverr upload and messaging system is no good. Let’s communicate thru email? what do you need from me? did you get the song etc.?? let me know

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