“Dangerous” Album’s Cover: Exposing the Illuminati?


Did the Illuminati kill Michael Jackson?

Isn’t it funny that obama didnt release an official statement? they usually do it when a massive star dies.

i think since MJ converted to islam, he probably refused to go along with these satanic worshipping global elite maniacs!
in his songs, there are some referenced about good and evil. and he said he never made a song that he didnt really mean. since MJ was as bigger star u could get, any revelation from him even slightly about the real power men behind scenes(the international bankers such as rothschild, rockefeller, warburg, schiff, etc) could expose the secret cabal working behind the scenes to usher in their world order in which they refer to it as the NEW WORLD ORDER! and what bullsh*t that he was in debt, he was getting $75 million per year, and the reason for doing the 50 concerts because he needed the money, what crap, he was doing it for other purposes. that is why he said it will be his last one ever, he needed to get the message across, even through hints in his songs.

so i think MJ didnt like what they were doing, so i think he converted to islam in like a show of support to it, otherwise there really is no reason to convert suddenly. they can easily cause heart attacks without leaving a trace, the russian KGB was masters at it, its called 1080 poison, now all secret services use it and probably even more advanced technology. of course u can get the autopsy guy working for the illuminati and just say nothing suspicious happened and the media can say nothing suspicious happened and story over. they can spin it however they want, and how they want us to believe what happened


Heck just look at how a mass media operation on the fake evidence on the war in iraq happened, anything is possible. and for people knowing the real story behind JFK, and how he fought the bankers, know why the illuminati killed him, not the ‘official’ story of a lunatic redneck killed him. they killed JFK due to executive order 11110.

its funny how all media outlets are focusing on the negative aspects on MJ’s life and all the experts coming into comment on his death in the media are also focusing on his negatives.

i knew right away, after hearing of how he died and how the media was covering the story, that there was sinister evil involved in his death. to the unsuspecting public that dont understand about the history of money, banking, the NWO, and illuminati, this was a normal death, but to the people that have researched the people behind the scenes and know how this world isnt as perfect as it seems, and what their plans are, u can tell the patterns of this are similar to 9-11 attacks, and the JFK killing.

MJ was too big an influential figure worldwide and if the elites didnt have him on their side, it was too big a risk to let him live.


unfortunately the real story will never come out as usual and the millions of ignorant people believeing the mind control media machine will fall to the pray of the dark angel these elites are worshipping.

to the wiser people, people like me, robert and valerie and iceteq2001 are conspircy nuts to them, but we know how this thing operates, and how they want to bring about their new world order as they call it.

they can fool billions of people, but there are still a few smart people that know whats really going on behind the scenes. i said obama would win the election even before he got nominated. it was easy to figure out as the same media pattern emerged on obama. u dont become a leader of a powerrful nation like USA or UK or france, germany, etc without heavy financial support from the international bankers(illuminati) and media manipulation to slowly gain support for the candidate and do the cunning business on election day.

this whole world for the last 300year(since about mid to late 1700’s) has been a massive conspiracy. i mean the american founding fathers like jefferson and andrew jackson warned everyone about them. any influential person speaking out aginst the NWO will be silenced by any means possible.

unfortunately MJ was massively influential and he didnt go the way the illuminati wanted, so MJ had to be silenced.

By the way, the swine flu is another evil, its not real, the vaccines are the real killer. unfortuanely many millions of people will perish due to their ignorance and failure to understand the truth.

MJ, u are the greatest entertainer of all time and a person that fought for good, u will be missed, but they can never stop ur music!
one day u and the people fighting this evil will get their justice, it might take many years, perhaps many decades, but justice will come one day!


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