Diablo 3 Achievement System

Diablo 3 Billionaire

Diablo 3 launched with a comprehensive achievement system. In this day and age players have become huge fans of being able to do extra things for a slew of achievements. Much like their other newer games, Blizzard has included a list of achievements featuring short, fun things, as well as long drawn out and highly rewarding goals.

For completing achievements, players are often rewarded with new pieces of artwork for their banners. Banners appear in town in multiplayer games so that the other players can see your creative side. Clicking on a player’s banner will teleport you to that player’s current location, which is a highly useful feature. Completing these achievements will allow players to customize their banners with a wide variety of creative pictures and banner types.

Blizzard intended to make the achievement system be a not necessary, but often fun, addition to the game. Players who have completed everything else can continue playing for a long time trying to complete all the achievements. Achievements come in a huge variety of categories. There are some fairly standard ones, such as achievements for beating each boss, each difficulty level, gaining the maximum level and etc. There are also several class specific ones for each class as well as a few for the hardcore game mode. There are also achievements for discovering each possible location, reading each book in each act, leveling up your artisans fully, and so on. There are even some weird random achievements, like wearing clothes all dyed pink and beating each boss for instance. All in all, the achievement system adds a fun aspect to Diablo 3. If you want a completed guide to earn those achievements, pick it up now at Diablo 3 Billionaire.

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