Diablo 3 Pre-order: Pros and Cons


Diablo 3 Pre-order

In the previous post, I wrote about Diablo 3 Official Released Date, and I was so excited that I pre-purchase the Digital version right away. But on second thought, I think some of you might consider before deciding to pre-order the box set or pre-purchase the Digital version. These are some pros and cons that I would like to share:

Diablo 3 Pre-order Pros:

– The obvious benefit of pre-purchase Diablo 3 Digital version is that you have an access to download the game installer as soon as the transaction is completed.
– After the completed download of Diablo 3 Installer, you just have to wait until the launch time on May 15th to play the game. Yes, by the time the game is launched, you will be able to play without going out to buy or waiting for it to be delivered at your place.
– No worries about “queuing”, or “out of stock”.
– You can copy this installer to another HDD, or even upload it on your online storage as a back-up to install later.

Diablo 3 Pre-order Cons:

– It’s the feeling of touching the real masterpiece’s cover, smelling the booklet’s paper, and enjoying the incredible design of the box set when you go out to buy a real piece of Diablo 3 box set.
– The Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition offer some great bonuses that you really want to consider buying.
– Looking at the Diablo 3 Installer folder but unable to play is really an annoying feeling.

Anyway, I still don’t regret pre-purchasing the game. I’ve been waiting for this game desperately!
How about you? Have you pre-ordered? Please share your feeling in the comment section below

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March 20, 2012

neo4er @ 4:45 pm #

So can I play right now in offline mode or in any way if I preorder the game?? Do I have to wait till 15th May to play the game? That will be really frustrating 😛

Tu Michael @ 7:51 pm #

 @neo4er unluckily u cannot play in any way wait and have to wait til May 15th :) yes, it is really frustrating. r u a diablo’s fan? when the game is out, just add me so that we can co-op to hunt the demons down 😀

April 11, 2012

PeterIvanov @ 2:15 pm #

Are you able to install it?

Tu Michael @ 10:24 pm #

 @PeterIvanov yes, i am. i’ve installed it and i am just waiting til May 15th to play 😉 how abt u?

neo4er @ 10:37 pm #

 @Tu Michael Sure, give me your ID ?

April 13, 2012

Tu Michael @ 11:08 am #

 @neo4er the game cannot be installed yet so i havent got any ID. but i will update my ID here as soon as diablo 3 is launched. if u play starcraft 2, i can add u :)

April 29, 2012

Bluejack @ 1:54 pm #

Does we have to pay monthly in play it? or is it a one time payment ?

Bluejack @ 1:55 pm #

Does we have to pay monthly in order play it? or is it a one time payment ?

Tu Michael @ 7:26 pm #

 @Bluejack No, we don’t have to pay monthly.cheers! :)

Tu Michael @ 7:27 pm #

 @Bluejack It’s just a one-time payment 😉

May 15, 2012

czar @ 2:11 am #

So i dont get 2 keys for pre-ordering D3?…  :( 

Tu Michael @ 1:14 pm #

 @czar sadly not :( but u can play it as soon as the launch time begin, while others who buy box set must wait for delivery. what’s ur battlenet tag name? would u like to team up? :)

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