Easy Money with SEOClerks and your Twitter account

seoclerks easy money with twitter

Earning easy money 1 USD with SEOClerks using your Twitter account

I will come right to the point:
1. Register an account on SEOClerks
2. Check your email inbox to confirm the email address with SEOClerks
3. Click “Get your free cash here” in the pop up image (like the one you see in this post)
4. Retweet the text given there. Just click the “Tweet” button
5. Enter your Twitter username in the box and press “Verify”
6. Check your account balance on SEOClerks. Done! Easy 1 USD, rite?

However, there are some rules to earn this easy money:
– Your Twitter account must NOT be protected so that SEOClerks can see your (re)tweet.
– Follow @seoclerks while participating
– You can only retweet once per account
– Your Twitter account must have 100 Followers or more.
– Your Twitter account cannot have the default Twitter Profile Image
– Your Twitter account should have more than 100 tweets
– Your Twitter account must be at least 90 days old

After tweeting, the free money will be instantly added to your account upon verification. You can also apply for a seoclerks coupon code to have more money in your purchase balance. Personally I think seoclerks.com is even better than Fiverr in terms of finding an affordable and good quality SEO service. Easy 1 USD and a coupon code, you are ready to explore SEOClerks! What are you waiting for? Just click the banner below to register an account on SEOClerks!

Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

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