Everything about Iphone 5 before launch date

iPhone 5 overview before launch date

Honestly, I am not an iFan but Apple’s products always catch my attention and interest. This is a very quick overview of everything about iPhone 5 that I collected from Internet:

1. Name
Three possibilities:
– iPhone 5
– iPhone 6
– New iPhone
Personally I think it is gonna be “New iPhone”, just like Apple did with “New iPad”


2. Design
New 4-inch-screen: same width, extended length, thinner design, new connection port.

3. Screen:
Screen size 16:9
Resolution 640×1136 pixel
326ppi similar to iPhone 4S

4. Chip
Two possibilities: A6 and A5X
A6 will be most likely used because A5X only improves graphic for New iPad’s Retina Display, whereas A6 will improve performance

5. Camera
Nothing much about iPhone 5’s camera. I will be really disappointed if it is only 8.0 MP like iPhone4S

6. LTE and NFC
4G LTE is more and more popular and so is NFC. Hopefully both of them will be available on iPhone 5

7. iOs
For sure it will be iOs6 with 200 new functions, Facetime 3G, Facebook integrated

8. Nano SIM
Although it will save some space inside iPhone5 but users will face some difficulties.

9. Accessories
The traditional 30 pin port will be replaced with a smaller one, meaning old accessories will be incompatible. Users will have to purchase a new set of accessories.

10. Battery
New battery capacity is 1.440 mAh (iPhone 4S: 1.430 mAh)

11. Launch Date and Price
Launch Date: Sept 12th, 2012
Official Sale: Sept 21st, 2012
Some possibilities:
iPhone 5 16GB – 199 USD
iPhone 5 32GB – 299 USD
iPhone 5 64GB – 399 USD

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