Evil Fiverr Trick: Gigbucks Fiverr Combo!

This is a trick to earn more money using Fiverr – Gigbucks combo, and it is quite EVIL! I will try to keep this as simple as possible. We all know what Fiverr is and with this method we will use it to make huge bank but on Gigbucks. Gigbucks is a website using Biverr (Fiverr Clone Script) and is gaining more and more traffic every day but on Gigbucks you can do gigs for $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Let’s start!

Step 1: Sign up with Fiverr and with Gigbucks

Step 2: Sign in on Fiverr and start browsing for popular gigs with lots of positive feedback. (that way you will know that the gig is a winner and there are lots of people willing to pay for those jobs). My recommendation: “Dance like Michael Jackson” by “tumichael”. Yep! It is mine! My gig is more and more popular on Fiverr. You can see testimonials on my gig here!

Step 3: Chose 5 – 10 Popular Gigs and copy the links on Note Pad. Once again, you may want to check my Fiverr profile for more gigs.

Step 4: Sign in on Gigbucks and create 5- 10 gigs (or more) offering the same services of the Popular Gigs of Fiverr and charge $10 per gig.

Step 5: When you get an order on Gigbucks, just sign in Fiverr and place an order for the gig paying just $5. So you keep $5 profit per ordered gig.

The more gigs you place the more money you make. A simple way to earn some bucks, right? Feel free to use my Fiverr gigs and check other Make Money Online methods. I will be updating more in the near future.

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