Futureboy 5000 Exclusive Interview on the Making of “Got to be drunk”


This is an exclusive interview with Futureboy 5000 on the Making of “Got to be drunk” video clip.

1. Please introduce a bit about yourself (name, job, nationality, etc)
My name is Futureboy 5000 and I am a DJ from The Netherlands specializing in retro electro dance music. I make new songs out of old movie quotes, vintage video games and heavy dance beats. It sounds a bit like Daft Punk mixed up with Super Mario and Star Trek.

2. How do you know about Tu Michael’s Moondancing gig on Fiverr?
I was looking around for some material to make a music video. I’m a terrible dancer myself so when I stumbled upon Tu Michaels Michael Jackson impersonations I was very impressed! I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson’s music myself. The man is a musical genius. Tu Michaels dancing really fits well in the style of music video I was looking for.

3. Do you have any first impression when seeing Tu Michael’s promo video on Fiverr? Why do you decide to use a Moondancer like Tu Michael to promote your music, not other artists on Fiverr?
You can see that Tu Michael is an authentic dancer and a real Michael Jackson fan. A lot of Fiverr dancers make a joke out of their gig. There’s nothing wrong with that, but Tu Michael’s dances really have a lot of quality. It’s very professional.

4. Please tell me what did you plan to use Tu Michael’s Moondancing? I heard that you request him to wear a red jacket and dance to the song “Life on Mars”?
At first I was busy making a music video to another song of mine called “Life on Mars”. But Tu Michaels dances just seemed to work better with another song of mine called “Got to Be Drunk”. His dances made my music video for this song complete! The red jacket originally best fitted the song of “The Red Planet” Mars. “Life on Mars” will now be released at the end of 2012.


5. Why did you decide to change to another song but still use the same Moondancing footage?
It just worked better with that song. I added some speed-ups and slow-downs to his dancing to make it fit with the right tempo and mood.

6. Do you have any difficulties in using Tu Michael’s Moondancing in creating the music video?
Not at all. It’s quality material!Futureboy5000

7. What’s your music plan in the future? Are you gonna use Tu Michael’s Moondancing in any other music videos?
I’m currently in the studio a lot, working on my full length album “Rocket Science”. It will be released at the end of 2012. I’m not sure about my new music videos yet. I do have an idea of creating a Michael Jackson style dance song someday. If I’ll work on that, I’ll definitely contact Tu Michael again for a video dance!

8. How is the audience’s response to your video?
Until now the responses have been great! 96% of the youtube comments are positive and someone on iTunes called it “Star Trek on Steroids” which I think is a great compliment.

9. Did Tu Michael do a good job in promoting your video? What do you like best about his performance?
I really like the fact that he dances true Michael style. It’s not a joke or something. He really feels the Michael Jackson vibe. So “Tu Michael” is a “True Michael”!

10. Do you have any suggestions for Tu Michael? (about his Moondancing, location, background,etc, anything to improve his service)
Tu Michael’s dances are very professional but he could improve his background options. Now all his Fiverr dances are in front of a curtain. It would be better to offer more options. Tu Michael is very communicative so he is great to work with!
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