Guild Wars 2: UNBELIEVEABLE First Level 80 Player Confirmed!

Guild Wars 2 First Level 80 PlayerGuild Wars 2 First Level 80 Player Confirmed!

A couple of hours ago, the first level 80 character in Guild Wars 2 was confirmed according to reports from Guild Wars 2 forums. It was really unbelievable! It’s only 3-day-head-start of the game, not the official launch date yet! The game was supposed to be launched officially tomorrow (28.08.2012). How could a player reach max level already? At first, some members thought it was fake but finally it was confirmed that the honor belonged to a player named Surfeuze, member of French guild War Legend. He reached the max level cap by crafting, with materials provided by his guild members.

Personally I am not interested in maxing level that fast. You must enjoy every moment of the game, rite?
It is said that his stats and level will still be changed according to the map he is in, hence he will not be dominating the low level maps. Moreover, reputation points from participating in events will be needed to purchase certain items and missing many achievements. This is still a feat to behold.

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