Guild Wars 2 Head Start Today! Got My Account and Waiting to Launch!

Guild Wars 2 Head Start

I’m downloading the patch for the game “Guild Wars 2”! Can’t wait to play! If anyone is playing the game, please share your experience in the comment section. I’ve gathered some info, FAQ about this special event below. Hope it helps!

What is the difference between pre-purchase and pre-order?
Pre-ordering you don’t put money down ie I got the game from Amazon which doesn’t take my money until the game is shipped or is released for download. Where if you bought the game through Arenanet you paid for the entire thing. If you pre-ordered you get a 1 day head start. You needed to pre-purchase to get the 3 day head start.

Preordered and all other players to kick off at different times (PST timezone)

25.08.2012 – Between 6 and 9 clock: Head Start for pre-purchasers. The servers officially open at 9 clock, the team reserves the right, however, to bring these already 3 hours earlier online.
27.08.2012 – 9 Clock: 1-day Head Start for pre-order. Registration of pre-order code is already possible.
28.08.2012 – 9 Clock: Official release, all players can enter.
Note: Some players were able to maintain their normal full version already from the dealer. Who Guild Wars 2 is not purchased in advance may, however, still do not participate in Head Start. Via Twitter ArenaNet emphasized once again that the Head Start Access from Key (version) and is not dependent on the receipt of the box.

You haven’t bought the game? Be quick! Grab a copy rigth now! You won’t be disappointed!

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