How to Use Fiverr Collection to Boost Your Fiverr Sales

Fiverr Collection BenefitUsing Fiverr Gig Collection to Promote Your Own Gig

Are you selling on Fiverr? This is a tip that you shouldn’t ignore because it will help you to promote your gig and get more sales!

If you do a search for any type of gig, when you get to the bottom of the page there will be a few collections shown there. Maybe your gig is showing up on the 400th page but if you are in a collection that is shown on the first or second page, you have a better chance of someone seeing your gig and placing an order.

They are placed closer to the front depending on key words and by how many people are following the collection. I have noticed that it only takes about 15 to 20 followers to be on the front page when someone searches keywords that match your collection.


Most people haven’t figured out how this Fiverr Collection Function works yet so they are not promoting their collections. This is why I am trying to promote my collections and adding other peoples gigs to them as well. That way, the collection has a better chance of more people following it, even if they are not interested in one of my gigs they may like gigs of someone else and follow it. When some one follows your collection, it will show up on that persons profile page as “Collections they are following” Maybe someone likes what you do and they want to see what else you like on Fiverr.

Benefit of Using Fiverr Gig Collection

So basically the more collections your gigs are in, the better chance you have of getting more buyers, and the more people that follow your collections or any collections your gig is in, the better chance it has of showing up on the front page when someone is searching for a gig similar to the kind of gigs you offer. It is similar to the way Facebook works. If you comment on a friends post, all your frineds can see it and all their friends can see it as well as anyone that visits their profile. and if someone else comments on it or likes it, then all that persons friends can see it too.

In conclusion, Collections are one of the best ways to get your gigs seen by a lot more people. And the best thing is that they are being seen by people who are actually already looking to purchase what you are selling. You need proof? Don’t you see the first image in the post? See the “Private Dancer” Collection? Yep, the thumbnail and Page 1 say it all. The gig “Dance like Michael Jackson to promote your product” has been collected and featured in the Gig Collection labelled “Private Dancer” which has a very high “Popularity”. And it is obviously popped up to the first page of Fiverr. What are you waiting for? Start making your own collection and following others’ today! Here is my collection “Unique way to promote your music“, you are welcome to follow! Then you can contact me to get followed back!

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