Kingdom Age: Why You Should NOT Add Too Many Allies At Once

Kingdom Age AlliesSo, you have added me and my friend as your alliance? If you haven’t, please visit my Kingdom Age Alliance Code List, click “Like” that post, write your code in the comment section and share with your friends so that I can add more people to that list. I am still updating the list monthly and it is gonna be HUGE, so you are always welcome to visit my blog again!

However, please DO NOT add too many allies at once. Here is the reason: The Battle List, where you pick your rivals and they find you, is working on a “equality-based” mechanism. It means that one always meet rivals with similar level and alliance number. A level 10 player with 40 allies could have all his buildings upgraded to level 3+ and a troop of 100+ advanced soldiers. But he could also be a noob with a small messed up army. And they would meet really strong opponents! If you already added too many allies, remove some. (But not too much, or your will be surrounded by real nerds instead of meet lonely newbies).

Here are three more quick tips:

1. DO NOT level too fast: The same reason as above.

2. DO add every skill points on Hero Strength, despite saving a few for Stamina:
You gain XP every strike you hit on any monsters. Thus the more damage you do per hit, the less hit you would need to finish a monster, and the less XP you gain.
This is even more important if you need to farm for your army equipment.
Enough stamina is a must, and too much is a waste. From my personal point of view: 1/3 of level <stamina< 1/2 of level i.e. a level 10 player should have 3-5 stamina.

3. Farm weapons and armors, do not buy them (unless you are generously buying in-game gems and coins with real money)
Every unit of your army could wear one weapon and one armor. Considering the size of an army increases fairly fast, buying them with coins is not a wise option. Killing goblins at the first map gives a very high drop rate of sword/armor sold at the price of ~10 coins. Later maps get better loot.

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