Why is a Good Fiverr Profile Picture Important?


Fiverr Profile Picture

Your profile picture now appears on your collection’s icon both in search and at the bottom of your collection page. Also, you should know that the Editors check profile pictures when they consider promoting a gig and selecting Top Rated Sellers.

So what makes a great profile pic?

> A photo of you
Your profile page is how you introduce yourself to the community. We’ve seen that buyers tend to trust people with pictures of themselves more than they do sellers with no photo. It helps you establish trust with buyers and other community members.

> A high quality photo
Avoid posting photos that are blurry, pixelated or distorted in any way.
(Some specs are: maximum size: 1Mb and format: jpeg, png, gif)

When I asked Natalie, a moderator of Fiverr Seller Group on Linkedin about the image size, she also said that it was “roughly 100×100″. So, you can use Photoshop or any photo editing software to crop out your image. Oh, Natalie also said that my Fiverr profile picture was great. Check out my Fiverr profile and you will see!

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