Why SEOClerks is better than Fiverr


Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

Although I am still earning really well on Fiverr, I must admit that SEOClerks is much better. Here are the reasons:
– SEOClerks has a lower minimum price: as the banner said, “starting at $1″. Yep! You can find many SEO services there at the minimum prive of $1. I won’t mention the quality because besides crappy gigs, I know there are some good sellers discount their service to get positive reviews.

– Coupons: Sellers can create coupons to promote their gigs to get more sales

– Just for SEO and SEO services: What do people come to Fiverr for? Ok, almost everything, video testimonials, dancing, etc. But most of the time, people come to Fiverr to outsource SEO service. And on SEOClerks, there are only SEO and SEO services so that buyers can be focus on what service they like best.

– Cheaper: While the price can be various, you will find some good service really cheap. Unlike Fiverr, the price is always $5 no matter it is crap or good stuff.

– Relatively safe: people are still making money online everyday from SEOClerks so there is no way it is scam

In conclusion, SEOClerks is a feature rich site with plenty of options for people looking to buy cheap services or sell their services to make money in a variety of categories. There are plenty of features such as coupon generation for your gigs and more. You should definitely check it out! Just think if you have $20 to spend on a logo, some banners and traffic you are half way there to owning your own fully fledged site. IF you want to check how good it is, there are some SEOCLerks Coupon Codes are being offered exclusively on my blog. Just register a SEOCLerks account by clicking any banner or hyperlink in this post and send me your username, I will email you the coupon code!

Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

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August 23, 2012
September 29, 2012

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August 27, 2012

apprenticeneed @ 11:26 am #

Hey my valued customer i have special gig for you on fiver, This is 1st time on fiver 1PR7 3PR6 4PR5 4PR4 4PR3 9PR2 Blog Commenting DoFollow.. other forums this page sale in $55 but you can avail in $5.. only 50 slots available for this gig.. http://fiverr.com/apprentice_need/do-serp-increaser-1pr7-2pr6-5pr5-5pr4-5pr3-7pr2-blog-commenting-dofollow

October 1, 2012

giveandtake @ 3:28 am #

will this commenting post have those who comment on politics?

October 28, 2012

tranchoideu2 @ 2:29 am #

chào Tú !
acc fiverr của bạn bị banned ngày 30/5/2012 rồi mà ?
sao bạn nói “Although I am still earning really well on Fiverr,”
bạn giải thích hộ vấn đề này được ko ?

February 4, 2013

mohammedgufraan @ 11:52 pm #

Seoclerks is beneficial to both buyers and sellers.. buyers can choose and select services which are affordable and sellers can earn good income from any service they provide to them.
To be honest i like seoclerks because their support and payment gateway are awesome and they also provide awesome offers periodically.

February 12, 2013

Sahab @ 1:37 pm #

Iam a buyer at seoclerks and iam fully satisfied with sellers and customer support. According to seoclerks is better than fiverr because seoclerks is elegant and easy to use. We can find all the services regarding seo and freelancing. We purchase any services at affordable cost.
Apart from buying, sellers can also earn good cash as seoclerks allows gig from $1 to $1000.. so isn’t cool.
I always recommend seoclerks. cheers

June 14, 2013

SpariorPool @ 6:22 am #

Seoclerk support and payment methods are really good. Recently the quality of services on fiverr are going down drastically.  I also found buysellseo.com to be a good seo marketplace alternative.

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