“Michael Jackson and more” Videos (Close-up Version)


These are my private video recordings of “Michael Jackson and more”, a tribute show for The King of Pop in Vietnam. Since there were also other cameras from TV stations, I focused on recording close-up scenes which might be sometimes confusing for watching. Anyway, let’s enjoy this incredible show!

01-Beat it Flash Mob

02-Billie Jean Dangerous

03-Duy Khanh Remix James Brown

04-You rock my world


06-Ghost Is it scary

07-Hollywood tonight TDCAU

08-Liberian Girl

09-Breaking News

10-Megamix Dance Sport

11-Megamix MK
Coming soon!

12-Smooth Criminal Remix Big Toe

13-Earth Song Black or white Rock

14-Give into me Rock

15-Black or white Rock

16-Earth Song Flute

17-We are the world

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