SEOClerks Contest – 2000USD Cash – has begun!

Affordable SEO by SEOClerksI’m really excited to let you know about the new contest I am participating. SEOClerks has just turned 1 year old and it has been a fantastic year! In celebration, SEOClerks is giving away 2000USD in cold, hard cash. If you are already an existing member, you are automatically entered.

How to Win
Refer affiliates to SEOClerks using your affiliate link. The more they purchase, the higher you rank.

There will be 8 winners. First place will receive $1,000 in cash with second earning $500, third earning $250 and $50 to each remaining winner.

You’ll win even if you lose
Since an affiliate is your affiliate for life on SEOClerks, you’ll earn forever from anyone you send our way. The perfect passive income. Even if you don’t win 1st or 8th place, you’ll still earn 10% of affiliate sales generated. Affiliate income can be withdrawn just like earnings from selling services (instantly and without fees using Paypal).

You’ll receive an email for each affiliate sale and you can view all affiliate sales/clicks in the affiliate control panel.

There are a few rules you should check out before you head off to promote your link, but don’t worry, they’re nothing major!

The winner is determined by the user with the most affiliate sales worth (dollar amount)
Affiliate connections and sales are valid for this contest only after 10/12/2012 @ 2:00PM EST (anyone affiliated to your account prior to this account does not account towards your contest earnings)
Affiliates who purchase your own services do count for this contest although you will not receive the 10% commission for the purchase of your own services
If you should be so lucky to win, the cash will be deposited into your SEOClerks account. You can withdraw it just like normal earnings.
Contest ends on: 12/12/2012 @ 2:00PM EST
Total Contest Sales must reach $10,000 in order for contest to be valid (total as a group, this is not a per person limit)
Sales must be completed to count

So, the rule I concerned most is number 2: “anyone affiliated to your account prior to 10/12/2012 @ 2:00PM EST does not account towards your contest earnings”. That means I must promote my SEOClerks affiliate link from beginning. If you have registered as an affiliate, please register again by clicking HERE. I will come up with more SEOCLerks coupon codes really soon so that we can all earn money!

3 thoughts on “SEOClerks Contest – 2000USD Cash – has begun!

  1. CommunityClerks I was really upset by what happened. I did not expect many users registered via my link then did not use the coupons. They must have used coupons on other old accounts. Now it is the punishment that I received, I cannot create any coupon any more :(

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