SEOClerks Coupon Codes: EXCLUSIVE on Tu Michael’s Blog

seoclerks coupon codes

SEOClerks Coupon Codes: The Real Deal

If you are looking for SEOClerks Coupon Codes, you’ve come to the right place! This is the best and most reliable source of SEOClerks Coupon Codes as all codes offered here are 100% working and provided exclusively for Tu Michael’s blog by the owner of, Jordan DeLozier.
For those who are not familiar with SEOClerks, it is a Fiverr Clone Site but specialized in SEO. And it is even better than Fiverr! As you can see from the image in this post, SEOClerks “stopped giving these out in bulk as too many users are using bots and fake accounts to take advantage of them”. You can also notice that Jordan suggested me one-on-one coupon codes, meaning each coupon is “one time use only per user”. The image is actually the screenshot captured on my PC. It is the proof that SEOClerks Coupon Codes I am offering is the real deal, no hype!
After some negotiation, I am having more than 50 SEOClerks Coupon Codes available exclusively on this blog! However, unlike the codes in the previous blog post, these codes are only 2 USD. But personally I think it is still good enough because you can find some amazing SEO gigs on SEOClerks with a really cheap price.

SEOClerks Coupon Codes: How to receive?

Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

Three simple steps to receive Seoclerks Coupon Code:

1. Register a new Seoclerks account –> Clich HERE or the banner in this post. Attention: I only give coupon for those who registered via my link so this is a MUST. Please don’t ask for coupons unless you have registered via my affiliate link.
2. Reply in the comment section that you would like to have a Seoclerks Coupon Code. Please write your SEOClerks username also. Note that I can check if your username is in my affiliate list so please register via my SEOClerks affiliate link only!
3. Your coupon code will be emailed to you in private. You might have to wait for a couple of days though in case I am overwhelmed with emails.

If you receive your own Seoclerks Coupon Code, please add it immediately to your accout because these codes only work on NEW accounts (48 hours old). And please kindly write a feedback to let others know that you’ve received the code. Any further questions, please do contact me (wait 5 secs then click “skip ads”) before leaving any negative comment. Thanks!

Affordable SEO by SEOClerks

58 thoughts on “SEOClerks Coupon Codes: EXCLUSIVE on Tu Michael’s Blog

  1. when i click on the link you mentioned it jus tbrings me to seoclerks homepage. i’m trying to say i’m already registered with seoclerks

    1.  @jdbfeverforlife so that’s why i don’t see ur username in my aff. list. what i m trying to say is: u click that link, it brings u to the seoclerks homepage (of coz), u register a new account there (using a new email), then pls comment here to tell me what ur new username is, i check it to confirm, then u will receive the coupon if i see ur NEW username in my aff. list :) again, pls click the link to register a NEW username. thanks :)

  2. Hi, I have created a account under your Affiliate link. My username is Giri.
    Please check it and send me coupon code. I badly need it

      1. @Tu Michael Sorry as i was using Twitter at that time and by mistake i mentioned it i meant to say seoclerks,thanks received the coupon.

  3. i signed up under your affliate link: my user account is dresomchai and my email is
    thank you for the offer.

        1. @dresomchai I’ve just sent you the coupon to your given email. Sorry for being quite late due to time zone difference. Please confirm here if you receive it so that others can see this is the real deal :)

  4. My friend Lukas recommended me to get a free coupon here. Just signed up under your affliate link., seoclerks username: tayonlee99

        1. @vipas I’ve sent u the coupon. Due to time zone difference, I was working when “24 hours up”. Sorry about that. Please confirm here if you have received it

    1. @KukaBurra Thanks for registering under my affiliate link. I will send you coupon code soon because I must confirm your username with seoclerks admin first. According to admin, seoclerks “stopped giving these coupons out in bulk as too many users are using bots and fake accounts to take advantage of them”. Stay tune. Please invite more friends to join via my link too
      Tu Michael
      PS: As new user, you can claim your first bonus money by tweeting as instruction on seoclerks. Good luck!

  5. Hi. Sorry for my late response. I was flooded with request. Please note that I must confirm with seoclerks admin first so it may take more than 24 hours. Could you please send me an email with your seoclerks account link? It will make the process run more quickly.

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