Six Fiverr gigs in One day!

Today was really a busy day for me!
Not only did I have to supervise the window assembling in my room (I have a new pair of windows which was really cool!), but also I had to do my Fiverr gigs and luckily all of them were Moodancing!
Normally I do Fiverr gigs, which are mainly Moondancing and Making video, on Saturday and Sunday. But for today alone, I have got 3 Moondancing orders from a customer whose Fiverr account was mpassociates. He was from a camera accessories store and would like me to dance to Michael Jackson’s songs while holding a camera (?!). At first he asked me if I was able to hold a camera while dancing but later he suggested it would be better to put the camera aside as they want me to dance with the freedom of Michael without holding anything.

Three songs were:
1. Smooth Criminal (white coat with the hat to dance)
2. Billie Jean
3. They Don’t Care About Us
Well, it is okay for me, but I even have a better idea:
“I have a 42 inch TV and i will show the logo on it while i am standing, holding the camera. When the music starts, I will put down the camera and start dancing”
And he was very pleased with the idea.

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