Thank you, Dad…

This is a facebook’s note which I posted in mid-February, 2011. Today, I would like to make this as a tribute to my Dad. I also edited a bit due to some writing errors.

Happy Father’s Day! I love you, Dad!

I remember

When I was only a small kid

My father taught me English by pointing at many colorful pictures

“Follow me, read out loud, alright?”

He taught me basic grammar and pronunciation


I remember

When I was only a small child

My timetable was full of extra-classes

English, Math, and many others

After class, it was self-study time

Which was also instructed by my father


I remember his strict rule

“No meal, no break time

Until you finish them all”


I remember his strict words

“Study well or you will become nothing than a beggar”

I remember I often wondered

“What’s the meaning of living?

To do a routine like a machine

Or to live like a care-free wind”

I remember I often asked myself

“What’s my freedom and happiness?

Is it making my parents happy and proud by studying well

Despite how bored, tired and unhappy I feel?…”


Be a good boy

Be a good student



My world was like that…

Then came the Moondancing,

I found a new world!

In which I expressed my emotion to the fullest

I found a new “ME”


“Stop it and focus on studying!!!” shouted my father

And for the first time in my life

I disobeyed!!!


How many times had I quarreled with my father?

How many times had I ran into my room, slammed the door?

Before he passed away?..

I don’t remember…


“Prove to me, son

Prove that you can balance your life

Dancing is your PASSION, I cannot stop you..


But having a job, which is as stable as possible, is your DUTY

Please, don’t earn a living by only dancing

And whatever you do, take a good care of your health

Cause you have a family to take care

As soon as I pass away”…


And for the first time in my life

Totally hopeless and helpless

I cried in vain…



Thanks to your strictness, I become stronger

Thanks to your words, I become more determined


Balance them!

I will keep that in mind!

Father, look at what and how I have been doing

Once again,

I don’t know how far I may go

But one thing is certain,

I will never stop!



Happy Your Day…

Rest in peace…


4 thoughts on “Thank you, Dad…

  1. what a moving! i don’t know what I should say, but the only thing that your entry inspired me.
    I was wondering ” what’s the meaning of living?” And sometimes, this life made me stuffy, but I have to live , I have a family to take care too. i think your dad is so wonderful. What a pity! he passed away soon. But he can see u how to balance your life. He will be happy! I think i will change my mind and live better.
    wish you luck and health…
    Keep the faith………………..

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