The BIGGEST Michael Jackson clothing collection in Vietnam

Today was an extremely happy day for me! My Michael Jackson clothing collection hit the headlines in the morning! Wow. I could not believe in my eyes! Those photos were incredible! What made me proud of this collection was the fact that they were not totally copied from Michael Jackson, even for the famous white vest in “Smooth Criminal”

Not totally copy from "Smooth Criminal" white vest

Thanks to designer Ha Linh Thu in Hanoi and stylist Hoang Vu (VUS) in Nha Trang. These Michael Jackson costumes were unique in their own way.

A very good news was I also received an offer to make another photo collection. “Only you are most suited for those royal and sparkling Michael Jackson outfits”, I was told.

Another great news today was that I attended an event called “Art Talk” at FPT University, one of the best and most modern universities in Vietnam. I was honored to be one among three special guests. The  “Art Talk” was really successful! I also performed there and I would rather write about this wonderful event in another post.

Now, come back to the article above. Actually, it was scheduled to be published yesterday but some photos need some retouch. There were thirteen photos in total. But the true number is certainly more than that.

This is the biggest Michael Jackson clothing collection in Vietnam!







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