“The Dark Night Rises” Shooting Massacre in Aurora, Colorado: Who to blame for?

Batman Rises

The Shocking Shooting Massacre

Today I was really shocked to read the news about a deadly shooting rampage inside a movie theater at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado, US. 71 people were shot and 12 have died in the attack early Friday morning (00.30 am – local US time). The gunman, 24-year-old former medical student James Holmes, had apparently been planning his attack for weeks. “In the last 60 days he purchased four guns at local metro gun shops, and through the Internet he purchased over 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” Aurora Police Chief Daniel Oates said Friday night.
After reading this, I just wonder, why no red flags popped up the last 60 days? Is it so easy to buy an assault rifle and multiple handguns legally? Buying all of that ammo and body armor without anyone noticed or he wasn’t flagged by the government? I feel lucky that gun ownership is forbidden in Vietnam. The US government really needs to take a look at gun ownership in their country, unless someone else has a better answer to all of the gun violence in US.

Who to blame for?

These days people are so quick to blame things like this on anything they can, be it homegrown terrorism, religious extremists, nut jobs from the right or left, God, atheists, and even whatever president they didn’t like. But no matter what the fingers are pointed at and for what reasons, the fact remains that there are just some very terrible people in this world.
However, I must emphasize this is NOT about politics! This is a sickening tragedy that has claimed innocent lives. This is beyond disgusting. It is amazing how this wicked creature felt absolutely nothing after shooting a baby. Come on, a baby for God’s sake. Nobody deserves to die, but this creature deserves more than the equivalent of what he did. This world is worse than the movies, more violent that the scenes in movies. Movies are for entertainment, not to recreate. Humans are worse than animals. Animals only attack to defend and for food, but humans, they attack for no given reason. I pray for this world, that God may help all the troubled souls out there. May he help the family of the victims and grant them their rightful place in the heavens above.


Where’s our real life Batman?

I have been reading this awful news on many websites. Being a young adult, I keep repeating in my brain as to why someone would do this. Those people were someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, cousin, friend…..you name it and they were it. Not just faceless people in a news story. Not just characters in fictions. These people were just looking for a good time and ended up with this tragic result. I think, “How could this been avoided?”, “Why them?” The questions could go on for days. Then I think of all the religious people out there that think “everything happens for a reason” to each their own, but what reasoning would be behind something so evil? I don’t know why this is hitting my heart so bad and making me cry so much for their families. You see, the ones who are joking about this, reading it without any kind of sadness in their soul…..I don’t know, I just don’t see how you could do that. This has NOTHING to do with race, age, or anything to separate people in any discriminatory kind of way, so don’t make it about that…please. There’s so much evil in this world that I wish somehow there could be some kind of superhero, like who they were going to see, that could have somehow prevented all this. Stand up for the good in your heart, we all have a conscious of right vs. wrong.

May all those who were killed… let their souls rest in their peace. Their families find forgiveness and rest and those entire harmed have a quick recovery without any health complications….I’m just at a loss for words. Mankind….we need more love and less of all this hate. It’s a vicious, vicious cycle…

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