Vietnam’s got talent 2011: Michael Jackson Dance Sport Combo

Michael Jackson Dance Sport Combo
Michael Jackson Dance Sport Combo

In the previous post, you have seen how Michael Jackson was reborn in Vietnam’s got talent 2011. It is a great feeling to see that Michael Jackson’s music still has an incredible impact on young generation. Now, let’s take a look at a very young and talented Moondancer who combined his Moondancing and Dance Sport skills in a spectacular performance!

Michael Jackson Dance Sport Combo

If you watch “Dancing the dream Season 1”, I am sure that you are familiar with this 11-year-old Moondancer. He is Nguyen Dang Quan, one of my best disciples. In this performance, he performed with Bao Ngoc, a Dance-Sporter who was only 6-year-old. Yeah, you heard it right! An eleven-year-old male Moondancer and a six-year-old female Dance Sporter! What a cute combination!

As you can see from the video, their performance is divided into two parts. At first, Dang Quan performed an excerpt from “Billie Jean”, then later Bao Ngoc joined with him dancing to “Rockin Robin”. For those who don’t know, “Rockin Robin” is also a Michael Jackson’s song when he was in Jackson 5.

There’s no need to talk about Dang Quan’s “Billie Jean” performance. Just compare him with other Moondancers in “Vietnam’s got talent 2011: Michael Jackson Reborn”, you will see how magnificent his performance is. Anyway, he is Tu Michael’s disciple, right? Haha.
About “Rockin Robin” part, Dang Quan and Bao Ngoc really rocked the stage and audience of Vietnam’s got talent! You could see how “rocking” the judeges and audience were! And you could even see me in the backstage!

That’s it! Let’s hope that in the next rounds, these two little kids will bring more joy with their talent!

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