Vietnam’s Got Talent 2011: Michael Jackson Reborn!

As I once mentioned in the post “2011: A Look Back with Tu Michael”, I participated in “Vietnam’s got talent”! And it was a fun and great experience. Since “ATV’s got talent”, I have not taken part in any contest. So, this is a big chance for me to test my Moondancing skill and hopefully make people understand more about Michael Jackson impersonator a.k.a Moondancer.

Vietnam's got talent 2011

Michael Jackson Reborn in Vietnam’s Got Talent 2011

Although I was aware that there would be many other Moondancers, I was still surprised to see that “many”. Yep, there were too many of them! And surprisingly, they were very young! I have already seen many Moondancers in “Dancing the dream Season 1” contest, “MJFCVN’s birthday party” or “Michael Jackson’s 53rd birthday party”, but there are even many more in “Vietnam’s got talent”.
This is the video which shows some outstanding Moondancing performances, mine is the last one. I am still waiting for confirmation although there are two “Agree” and only one “Disagree”.

After watching a series of Moondancing performances like this, I think it is understandable that the judges of “Vietnam’s got talent” are fed up with anyone who dressed and danced like Michael Jackson. I am a bit upset because I know clearly what makes a true Moondancer. However, no matter how people look at it, one thing is undeniable, Michael Jackson is actually reborn in every Moondancing performance!

11 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Got Talent 2011: Michael Jackson Reborn!

    1. ohhh.r u really Tran Dang Khoa?i m ur fan!ur writing is very inspiring!if only we could meet, i’d like to share my story with u..
      PS: thank u for ur compliments!i m really appreciated!

    1. oh no.i dont mistake u wt the poet Tran Dang Khoa. I’ve heard abt TGM before and I am very impressed cause I always think that it is really important for people to get inspired in what they do and u’ve done a really good job. I also read the book “toi tai gioi, ban cung the” and i love it!

    1. wow.i can see ur comment now! thanks for ur compliment.actually i don’t need to prove myself through that show. i’d like to make people understand more about moondancing. and hopefully, they won’t look down on moondancers anymore :)

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