Vietnam’s Got Talent – Tu Michael in “Smooth Criminal Remix” (Full Version)

In the previous post, Vietnam’s Got Talent 2011: Michael Jackson Reborn, you can see my performance in the mixed video of various Moodancing performances. My performance was about 2 minutes but it only showed about 1 minute. This is the “upgraded version”. Well, actually it’s not the “Full Version” like the title said, but it’s much better than the 10-second-version shown on TV.

9 thoughts on “Vietnam’s Got Talent – Tu Michael in “Smooth Criminal Remix” (Full Version)

  1. Very good performence, sad to see that you got two red X.

    Tu, you don’t need to enter Talent shows, when yo know that you already got a talent. :)

    1. @Brian Jackson Clasen thank u, Clasen :) i just wanna promote Moondancing widely. I don’t care about the prize or how people judge it. Because I believe in what I am doing. Btw, have u added me on Skype? And are you still interested in taking part in the upcoming MJ tribute show? :)

      1. @Tu Michael I added you on skype for a long time ago, you have not yet accepted me. :) I have to take part in your show, and Im really looking forward to give you the best.

  2. You need to stop messing with Vietnam’s got talent and maybe do America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandell would love this! Come on you can moonwalk!

    1. JoshuaPeck I’d really love to but sadly I am in Vietnam, no chance for America’s Got Talent :( And can you believe that I failed in Vietnam’s Got Talent :))

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