Vietnam’s Got Talent – Tu Michael in “Smooth Criminal Remix” (Full Version)


In the previous post, Vietnam’s Got Talent 2011: Michael Jackson Reborn, you can see my performance in the mixed video of various Moodancing performances. My performance was about 2 minutes but it only showed about 1 minute. This is the “upgraded version”. Well, actually it’s not the “Full Version” like the title said, but it’s much better than the 10-second-version shown on TV.

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February 21, 2012
June 30, 2012

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February 21, 2012

Brian Jackson Clasen @ 11:11 pm #

Very good performence, sad to see that you got two red X.

Tu, you don’t need to enter Talent shows, when yo know that you already got a talent. :)

Tu Michael @ 11:23 pm #

@Brian Jackson Clasen thank u, Clasen :) i just wanna promote Moondancing widely. I don’t care about the prize or how people judge it. Because I believe in what I am doing. Btw, have u added me on Skype? And are you still interested in taking part in the upcoming MJ tribute show? :)

February 22, 2012

Brian Jackson Clasen @ 12:36 am #

@Tu Michael I added you on skype for a long time ago, you have not yet accepted me. :) I have to take part in your show, and Im really looking forward to give you the best.

February 29, 2012

Tu Michael @ 12:31 pm #

 @Brian Jackson Clasen my bad, i forgot to add u back. now it’s ok. when r u coming back to VN? :)

July 29, 2013

JoshuaPeck @ 1:32 pm #

You need to stop messing with Vietnam’s got talent and maybe do America’s Got Talent. Howie Mandell would love this! Come on you can moonwalk!

Tu Michael @ 6:39 pm #

JoshuaPeck I’d really love to but sadly I am in Vietnam, no chance for America’s Got Talent :( And can you believe that I failed in Vietnam’s Got Talent :))

July 30, 2013

JoshuaPeck @ 1:33 am #

Tu Michael JoshuaPeck You should travel to the U.S.  and go on Americas Got Talent 😉

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