Vietnam’s got talent 2012 – Dang Khoa’s OVERRATED “2Bad” Performance

A question to any Moondancer who is reading this article: If you copy almost 100% a dance routine from a performance, will you claim that you create new moves by yourself?
And I really want to ask Dang Khoa the same question. His performance in “Vietnam’s Got Talent” show last night was overrated. Here is my review of his performance.
As some of you may know, there are many Moondancing performances in “Vietnam’s Got Talent” show. Actually he was one of a few young Moondancers who can do Moondancing moves quite well. The “Dangerous” performance he did in the previous round was good enough for those who are easy-going with young Moondancers. Many of my friends said to me that he only copy exactly the dance routine from Michael Jackson’s legendary “Dangerous” performance. Yes, they mean “exactly”, they can even tell that it was the dance routine by Michael Jackson from “MTV Music Award 1995”. Well, I told them that before creating something new, you had to do the good copy first and this boy had potential.
So, I was curious and excited to hear that Dang Khoa was gonna show some new dance moves that he created on his own. But his performance turned out to be a big thumb-down.

The first thing I would like to emphasize here: There is NOTHING even closed to New Dance Moves that he stated in his interview. He took the dance routine from “2 Bad” in the short movie “Michael Jackson’s Ghosts”. You can watch the video above to compare.

Secondly, his Moodancing technique has many flaws that I can make a list as followed:

2’47: his walk and turn around were too fast while the music was still slow
2’53: this move required the head and shoulder movement that he totally left out before turning the head to the right and the following steps were not strong enough
3’14: the kick was too low and weak
3’32: this dance move proved that he had no sense of music and melody at all! The three-step-dance-move switching to sidewalk was out-sync the music. He should have been stood there firmly and felt the beat to do some simple moves.

3’50: where’s the waving shoulder?
3’58: the steps were too narrow and weak, and again, the shoulder movement was not clear
4’03: the stopping point was not created by his arms
4’12: the arms should have been formed better
4’24: the toe stand was out-sync the music
4’40: the pointing arms looked really ridiculous because he did not even keep them straight to create the stopping points

Of course there are even more tiny flaws but I think those points above are enough. Some may say I am envy with this boy to post this article. Keep saying whatever you want. My score for this boy: 5.5/10. I am certainly the most difficult judge in “Dancing the dream” contest so my expectation is very high. Please, don’t say that he is good enough to be a small child who can dance like that. I even have some disciples who are even smaller that can dance better. This boy has “potential”, not “talent”. For me, the best “2 Bad” performance by a Moondancer that I have ever watched is the one performed by Long Michael, the first generation Moondancer in Vietnam.

If any of you reading this article knows Dang Khoa, just send him my words. If I had a chance to meet Dang Khoa, I would give him a free short training to improve his Moodancing skill. Yes, it is Free (normally I charge a high price for a Moondancing training, you know). As I said, he has “potential” and I’d like to see another Moondancer who can spread out the MJ’s spirit. Certainly, I will tell him that Moodancing is not simply copying a dance routine to self-claim that you created on your own.

6 thoughts on “Vietnam’s got talent 2012 – Dang Khoa’s OVERRATED “2Bad” Performance

  1. As far as I am concerned, Dang Khoa himself has never claimed that these are his own dance routines, instead he says he only imitates MJ. The judges’ comments on his performance might have made you and other audience (who have not watched MJ’s dance routines) think Dang Khoa has created his own.

    1.  @LL certainly,i also misunderstood when he said he would “do something different from the previous performance”. i felt really sorry that he was not chosen..

  2. Also, it would be great if you can give him a free short training ^^. His talent is quite raw! He certainly has the “spirit”, he will need more professional training to become a great performer.

  3. Haha, you are in Hanoi, DK is in HCM City, so it’s kind of hard for you two to meet each other. If you go to HCM City by any chance, you can call Quang (Khoa’s brother) on 0915 855 911 ^^.
    I am not related to DK though, just someone who has been intrigued by his performances. He may not have the best skills, but I have to say that his facial expressions, passion, determination, and grace on the stage can really mesmerize and excite some people.
    P.S: Good luck with everything you do. I admire your passion for MJ too :).

    1.  @LL Wow! Thanks! If only i could have this number 1-2 days sooner. I had been in HCM city since last Friday and returned HN just yesterday. Anyway, i’ll contact Quang soon. there’s gonna be a MJ tribute show which I planned to held in HCM city this June and I think this is a great chance for him to shine again ;)
      Thank u again! I’m really appreciated! God bless you!

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