Why Should I Buy and Play Guild Wars 2? A Mini-Review by A Newbie to MMO Games

WHEN you decide to buying, anything, you need to compare it something else. Talking about other products does not detract form selling your current product but helps others determine if they want to get it. The normal way people,generally not individually, decide on a product is to take what they know and compare it to what they don’t know.

For example, Honda civics have great gas mileage. So do Geo metros and Kia’s. Now say, you own a hummer which has CRAP gas mileage, You want to be a better MPG vehicle, what do you compare it to? An apple? a Guitar? The owner’s manual of the car you wanting to buy? No you compare it to the vehicle that you already own.

This is a really nice mini-review from a newbie to MMO games:

Guild Wars 2 is officially the first MMORPG I’ve ever played. I’ve never tried WoW, Rift, SWTOR and all other MMORPG titles.
I purchased the game because of the massive hype and advertisement by ArenaNet stating “if you love MMO’s, you’ll love GW2! If you don’t, you’ll love GW2!”.

Graphics: I know not all games are about graphics and if the content is good enough, I’ll oversee the graphics but I’m being honest in this review. I think the graphics are incredibly outdated for a game released in 2012. I would honestly say they look around 2004-2005, and I’m playing on the max settings so please don’t blame the machine I was playing it on.

Content: I enjoyed levelling to level 80, I had a lot of fun experiences and fantastic memories crawling on my hands and knee’s asking a friend to revive me, but I felt the content is lacking slightly. I reached level 80 ridiculously fast and I know you can ‘level-down’ to replay content, but I’m a bit of an achievement man and I love to progress forward, not backwards.

Dynamic Events: I would compare this to Rift or Warhammer Online but I’ve never played either so I can’t do that. I LOVED the Dynamic Events in the game! They really do make you make a snap decision to run in and be a hero.

Combat System: Dodging is a great feature in the combat system because it means you can’t AFK during fights, but sadly I thought the rest was quite bad. The combat system in GW2 at the moment is a complete mess! I understand they didn’t want to have a main DPS, Healer, Tanker etc but this removes all team work elements from the game. Everyone is running around like a crazy mad man because they can heal, tank, do damage without specific roles. The combo-fields are cool but quite useless when no one is interested in teaming because they’re too busy dodging all the time.

Dungeons: Fantastic addition to the game! Although the character actors sound like 5 year old’s and most refer to a woman character as male, the dungeon itself is phenomenal. Very difficult, I would replay them but I wouldn’t replay it on my own. I think it’s a lot more fun with friends.

PvP: I think the PvP is something they’ve done right. It’s a very level playing field because everyone is level 80 and no one has any advantages other than skill or choice of build. I generally enjoyed the PvP.

WvW: I would love to give a review on WvW but I keep getting “server is busy” half way through the rounds so this has been destroying my experience of World v World. I would imagine this would be as epic as the PvP is though.

Side Quests / Hearts: Guild Wars 2 promoted they wouldn’t have any ‘Kill X and Collect Y and deliver it to Z’ quests but… They went ahead and added in this types of quests with the Heart quests which give you karma.

– Map: One of my biggest gripes is also one of the things I love about the game; it’s wide open. Let me explain. I love sandbox MMOs and games in general; to this day I still think SWG pre-CU was the most fun game I’ve ever played. You can go almost anywhere, almost any time you want, which is fantastic

Overview: I think Guild Wars 2 did a fantastic job advertising the game, I really do give props to them because everyone was talking about the game but I do think it was over hyped. I don’t think the game is “Fantastic Game of the Year!” like everyone has been making it out to be. Do I think it’ll crush the King of MMORPG WoW’s wall? No.
I generally believe if you play for quests, levelling or PvE, you’ll find yourself a bit short of content and a bit disappointed with the final product based on the fantastic advertising ANet did. I would say this is a more PvP orientated game. And if you need a Guild Wars 2, please take a look at this “Guild Wars 2 Leveling” (wait 5 secs then click “skip ads”). It is considered as The Top Selling Leveling Guide With Leveling Strategies Covering Every Aspect Of Guild Wars 2.

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