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Tu Michael

The Marketing Artist Who Built Personal Brand As A Moondancer.

"Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners." Dale Carnegie

Let's meet Tu Michael, the one and only Moondancer/Marketing Artist, who is willing to share what life has taught him in almost-every-aspect-of-life.

From TEDx, guest spots at universities, profit or non-profit events to live television, Tu Michael is always happy to share his stories, thoughts, and vision.

From personal development to personal branding strategies, Tu Michael's speech is based on his personal story and experience. Tu Michael is the real deal in a world of fake gurus.

​Tu Michael's talks are unorthodox and motivational in a unique way. Tu Michael LOVES being onstage, engaging the audience, asking questions that keep them thinking deeply.

Please find all information and approved assets for bookings here.

More questions? Please contact Tu Michael via Facebook here.
Banker by day. Moondancer by night.


Areas of expertise

Speaking topics

Tu Michael is open to a wide range of topics, categories, and environments. Some possible topics include:

Past engagements

Tu Michael has spoken at various events, including:

Authored books

Tu Michael has authored a book called “AI Game” that sold more than 100 books in pre-order without heavy marketing.

Media appearances

Tu Michael has appeared on various media outlets, including: VTV, VTC, Hanoi TV, Online media, Offline newspaper, etc

Testimonials or references

Tu Michael has received many testimonials and references on his Facebook fanpage.

He even has testimonial screenshots from old forums' audience back in 2009.

More questions? Please contact Tu Michael via Facebook here.