Michael Jackson Impersonator
Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson Impersonator

The blogging world is changing. And there are some big serious problems. In this article, I will show you those problems and recommend some solutions. Let’s moonwalk into it!

Key takeaways:

  • Too many bloggers competing to rank number 1 on Google.
  • Blogging is losing its natural beauty of authenticity and integrity, especially with AI revolution.
  • Serious problem: too much noise and true value is lost.
  • Authentic storytelling is the solution. My story, your lessons.
  • Manifesto: authentic story, honest opinion about 2 main topics, Personal Branding and Moondancing. I don’t teach anything. I only show you how I learn from my mistakes and success.
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1. Blogging used to be more peaceful and beautiful

I began writing blog in July 7th, 2007. I remember it clearly because 777 is also Michael Jackson’s favorite number. The blogging platform I used was Yahoo 360. And I must tell you this: the blogging world back then was much more beautiful than today’s.

I remember reading so many authentic stories from real people. It might be a student struggling with study. It might be a single mom struggling with life to raise her baby. And writing is their solution to escape loneliness from real world to connect with others. For me, I shared my journey of being a Michael Jackson impersonator, or rather, a Moondancer.

There are no affiliate links. No keyword research. No social media marketing. Bloggers find others with same interest via forums, or commenting on other blogs. That was my humble beginning of building my online personal brand “Tu Michael”. For me, the blogging world was so new, peaceful and beautiful.

2. To the blogging world of keyword optimization for money

But now look at the blogging world of today. It is more and more saturated. Too many bloggers are competing with one another to rank number 1 on Google. And most of them are articles full of affiliate links. Blogging for money, not for emotional connection, is what I see. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to criticize this online business model. There are still good value blogs here and there. However, with AI revolution, blogging is gradually losing its natural beauty of authenticity and integrity. We are going to consume the same rehashed content everywhere. Almost everybody can write with AI. That means everybody can be experts at some levels. And that leads to online fake gurus spreading their message. That is a big and serious problem, in my honest opinion.

3. Wrong message, wrong people, wrong time

Why so serious? Because there will be too much noise and true value might get lost forever.

Let me explain:

If you read my story "How many 10 years will we have in our life". You can feel that my journey of being a Moondancer and a Marketing Artist is not an easy one. And Yvette Sanchez, a forever dear true good friend of mine, commented that my story was truly inspiring. But that story might get lost in dust because there are no keyword optimization for SEO. That means Google will not rank it in top 10. People will not be able to find it. And if people search for true authentic motivational story, they only see websites that recommends self-help books with affiliate links. Now, I don’t mean to criticize. But making money with blogging with keyword optimization and affiliate link stuffing really makes me sick.

This might discourage true content creators with pure intention of creating content for the sake of audience. Now, with the help of AI, there is a real online gold rush for hunting down golden keywords to optimize. This might encourage fake gurus to spread a wrong message to a mass audience. There will be more and more trash content created by bots. Misleading information and fake news might be created with sophisticated methods. In general, all of them will create a negative energy stream that will destroy our worlds. By “our worlds”, I mean both inner world and outer world. Am I too pessimistic? Maybe, but my motto is “prepare for the worst and hope for the best”. The best is yet to come, the worst is here already. We are gonna be messed up with AI for awhile. Too many wrong messages will be created. With online marketing hacks, those messages will be sent and approached too many wrong people. And no matter if we like it or not, wrong time will be created. The online world of blogging is shaking.

4. My story, your lessons

If you agree with me on those serious problems of blogging world. This is my recommendation for solution:

It’s high time to tell authentic stories with deeper emotion level. Such stories will create emotion connection with others. Story can create “ah ha” moments to others when they realize themselves And it is just one moment away from healing your world and others. Is it a miracle that by telling a simple true story, it might impact a life of others?

Should bloggers use AI? It depends. I myself use AI for writing assistance. Because it is a tedious process to write a long and deep blog post. AI can help me with outlining, correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. But for deeper emotional connection, there is no AI can replace human. AI can make a good poem with rhythm, but I doubt that AI can feel and touch human emotion deep inside the heart. AI can make a second brain for you, but not a second heart. By the time AI can create a heart or a soul, human will be no more.

So, if you are reading this, please share your story to your beloved ones. Please don’t be afraid of sharing your life experience through stories. Please don’t be afraid of how the world look at you if you tell your stories.

For me, after so many failures as well as achievements, I will tell my stories no matter how the world see me. Good or bad, let history decide. My story, your lessons. That is my story, but it is you who willing to learn from my story or not.

5. Pros and cons of being an authentic storyteller

There are some pros and cons if you follow the path of blogging as an authentic storyteller.


You will be a natural builder with a peaceful mind. You can build up your stories with comfort. You don’t have to wear “make up” on your stories to make them beautiful. Instead, you can have peace in mind while telling stories. You don’t have to lie. So you can tell it from your heart. The stories are inside you already. You just take them out naturally. Effortless storytelling is natural and peaceful. What can be better than that?

You will have a deep emotional connection with others. When I tell my stories, at first I feel reluctant of being misunderstood, I feel scared of being judged, but when I realize that people can be inspired by my stories, I cannot be happier.


There will be misunderstanding and controversy. You can suffer from emotional depression. But just hang in there, you are brave to tell the truth. Like I said. My story, your lesson. It is my duty to tell my story. But I cannot control your point of view.

Financial problems. It is obvious that if you don’t write for the mass, nobody will pay you. So you must prepare various sources of incomes to support yourself.

Now, before you jump in to tell all stories. I must warn you that it is not necessary to tell everything. “I just want to tell the truth, you want me to lie?”. No. I don’t mean telling a lie or making up an untrue story. Before telling a story, you should really consider its impact. Not every story can be understood fully. There are some stories at certain levels that can only be shared with your most beloved ones. There are some stories that should not be told if they might have bad impact or misleading.

6. My manisfesto:

So, with all of my points above, I would like to share with you my manifesto of this blog: I will tell my authentic story and share my honest opinions.

This blog will consist of 2 main topics:

Personal Branding: my journey from being a nobody to a personal brand that is well-known in Vietnam. You can google “Tu Michael” to see me. But now I am going global. The challenge is more difficult. I will share with you how I am planning to do, what I am building.

Moondancing: my journey from being a timid and shy kid to a confident and powerful Moondancer onstage. How did Michael Jackson music and dance changed my whole life? What is the philosophy of Moondancing? How did I earn a living as a Moondancer? And many more.

7. How can you support?

Because this is a brand-new blog. And as a normal guy with a family to support, I still have to work hard to earn money. I will be really appreciated if you can help me. There are various ways of supporting (free and paid):

Comment and share (Free): Constructive comments and spreading words about this blog really help me. Please share with me your ideas of how I can improve the content. What more would you like to know or learn from me? Sometimes I got lost in ideas that I don’t know which one to choose. And please share on social media if you find my blog interesting and helpful.

Subscription (Free and Paid): You can be a free member to comment. I read and appreciate every comment. We can build up a community of like-minded people from there. Or you can be a paid member to read deeper content, watch behind-the-scenes videos. I will hold private workshop to share my knowledge on marketing and help you with personal branding, Moondancing.

Purchase via affiliate links (Free): I will review some products such as books, outfits, marketing tools and software, etc. These will help you with choose the right ones for you. Even if you don’t buy the products I recommend, it is still ok. But if you do, I will earn some commission (your price is still the same). This source of income will help me a lot to maintain this blog.

Donation (Paid): As you can see, I produce a lot of content, especially videos. It requires a lot of time and effort, especially Moondancing performances and tutorials. There will be more to come in many other formats, such as podcast. I will be really grateful if you can donate me to help me spread true value to the world. Any money will do. I am a simple and saving person with a minimalist style so I will appreciate every cent and make good use of them.

Purchase my products, services (Paid): I am planning to write ebooks, produce online video courses, coaching service. I believe that my courses will bring true value. More details will be revealed later.

So, that’s all for now. Once again, thank you for stopping by and reading to the end. I will see you in the next articles.

From Tu Michael with L.O.V.E.


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