Michael Jackson Impersonator
Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson Impersonator

This is the story I read from Jay Clouse's new personal blog.

I find it very inspiring. And the fact after reading his 2 latest blog posts, I am inspired to continue writing on my English personal blog after nearly 6 months without updating.

Why? I will tell you later below.

Firstly, let's read the story together, shall we?

In September 1666, a great fire swept through London, destroying the city. But after the fire, London was reconstructed on essentially the same medieval street plan, which still exists today.

Christopher Wren, one of the greatest architects of the time, is responsible for rebuilding 52 churches in the City of London after that fire. That includes St. Paul's Cathedral, which is widely considered to be his greatest work.

One day in 1671, Wren observed three bricklayers working on the Cathedral. One was crouched, one half-standing, and one standing tall – working hard and very fast. Wren asked each bricklayer, “What are you doing?”

The first bricklayer replied, “I’m a bricklayer. I’m working hard laying bricks to feed my family.”

The second bricklayer replied, “I’m a builder. I’m building a wall.”

But the third bricklayer, the most productive of the three replied with a smile and said, “I’m a cathedral builder. I’m building a great cathedral to The Almighty.”

OK. That's the end of the story. You may want to read Jay's full blog post here. If you like it, feel free to comment on that blog post that I send you there.

Actually I remember reading this story somewhere on the newspaper when I was very young, at about 20s or something. But at that age, I am too naive to ignore it. And I don't feel the deep meaning of the story.

But here I am at my 40s, when I read this story again, it hit me!

And it hit HARD, especially when I begin to have faith in God.

I used to work as a banker for 8 years (since 2007). Then in 2015 I quit that 9-5 banking job after building 6 online incomes.

To be honest, when I was working as a banker, I was the 1st bricklayer. Every working day as a banker is a boring day as hell for me. But I have to do it to have income.

Luckily I have always pursuited Moondancing. And when I do dance performance, I am the 2nd bricklayer. I am building a career for myself.

And as my personal brand grow as Tu Michael (just in Vietnam, not global), I learn and do more about marketing. And I realize I am a content creator! I am the 3rd bricklayer that building something larger than life!

I am building not just a career for myself but also a legacy for generations to come. Especially when I got feedback from others that I am inspiring them to find the true meaning of life.

You can watch this video below to see how the audience react with my performance. You can even feel the energy spreading.

No fancy stage. No stylish outfit.

Just me and the dance merging into one and spreading positive energy to others!

Who knows this kind of performance can inspire others, or even change lives?

But to be honest again, I feel that I am often suffering from dark energy. My emotion is always swinging like a roller coaster. It has really bad effect on my productivity, especially when I am working as a solopreneur after quitting Vietcombank.

Sometimes I produce content like the 1st or 2nd bricklayer. It is so intimidating when I do technical stuff like funnel building or keyword research for writing SEO articles.

But now, I must rethink and redo. I will keep reminding myself of being the 3rd bricklayer. Whatever my content I produce, I am making an impact out there. There may be silent observers watching my Moondancing videos, my uneditted nonsense vlogs and workout challenges. They may laugh at me, talk bad things about me.

But at least I am proud of myself for building "the great cathedral for The Almighty" to spread L.O.V.E.

So here we go from now on, Tu Michael?

Let's build legacy for the next generations, at least for your 2 little princesses!

Let's make HIStory!

Tu Michael - Moondancer, Marketing Artist

PS1: I highly recommend signing up for HeyCreator2024 event here to watch Jay Clouse and other speakers.

PS2: My dear forever true good friend, Yvette Sanchez, if you are reading this, you can smile and be happy for me. I am back. Tu Michael is back! ♥


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