“Lao Động Trí Óc” và “Lao Động Chân Tay” – Nên hiểu như thế nào cho phải?

Khi còn bé, tôi hay bị bố dọa rằng: “Liệu mà học hành cho cẩn thận. Học tốt, bằng tốt thì mới được làm việc văn phòng lương cao. Đó mới là giá trị của lao động trí óc. Không thì cũng chỉ đi bơm xe, bốc vác, làm lao động chân tay mà thôi!”

“Lao động trí óc” và “Lao động chân tay” – Hai mặt đối lập?

Tôi có sở thích khá dị là hay mày mò câu chữ, bẻ nghĩa từ bằng cách so sánh nghĩa Tiếng Việt với nghĩa Tiếng Anh. Tôi sẽ nói tại sao tôi có sở thích này trong một bài post khác. “Manual labor” hoặc “manual work” phản ánh rõ nhất “lao động chân tay”. Trong đó, từ Tiếng Anh “manual” có gốc là từ Latin “manus” có nghĩa là “bàn tay”. Tuy nhiên, tôi lại rất khó khăn trong việc tìm từ cho “lao động trí óc”. Chắc không phải là “mind labor” hoặc “mind work” rồi. Trong Tiếng Anh, chỉ có từ “Autiomation” (Tự động hóa) là đối lập với “Manual work”.

Vậy, cái khái niệm “lao động trí óc” là cái gì mà được đề cao đến vậy? Tôi chịu.

“Lao động trí óc” và “Lao động chân tay” – Vinh quang thuộc về ai?

Ngẫm lại chút, đối với đa số người Việt Nam, “lao động chân tay” được coi là việc không cần sử dụng đến tư duy, khá cực khổ. Đó là công việc của người có thu nhập thấp. Ngược lại, “lao động trí óc” là việc làm cao cấp, nhàn hạ, không cần sử dụng đến chân tay và có thu nhập cao.

Mà có lẽ cũng vì cái khái niệm này mà:

Người không có điều kiện học lên cao thì miễn cưỡng chọn việc làm “lao động tay chân” để kiếm sống và chẳng vui sướng gì để sáng tạo, chế tạo, làm ra các sản phẩm mới, đẹp, tiện lợi hơn bằng đôi tay và khối óc. Và mặc nhiên những người này coi đó là cuộc sống khó khăn, vất vả.

Người có điều kiện học lên cao thì cố gắng lấy thật nhiều bằng cấp vì sẽ có nhiều cơ hội để chọn lựa việc làm bằng “trí óc” cao cấp, nhàn hạ. Đó là công việc không cơ cực như “lao động chân tay”, mà lại có thu nhập cao hơn. Và mặc nhiên những người này đi làm cũng chẳng phải vì muốn cống hiến, mà chỉ muốn mình nhận được chế độ tốt nhất.

Tại sao không suy nghĩ theo hướng này:
– Lao động chân tay với sự cần mẫn, chăm chỉ, không nề hà việc lớn hay nhỏ, sẽ ngày càng tăng thêm kinh nghiệm, rèn luyện sự khéo léo của chân tay.
– Lao động trí óc với tinh thần cầu thị, luôn sáng tạo, luôn trau dồi kiến thức và đổi mới phương pháp, sẽ ngày càng tăng giá trị cho sản phẩm, dịch vụ với tầm nhìn và tư duy khác biệt.
– Không phân biệt tay chân hay trí óc, không sợ những thành kiến của xã hội, chỉ cần làm đúng công việc mình thích, hợp với sở trường của mình, giúp mình khắc phục phần nào những sở đoản, sẽ đem lại cho cuộc sống của mình ý nghĩa thực sự.

Người thành công là người biết hòa quyện lao động trí óc và lao động chân tay trong một con tim đầy nhiệt huyết và đam mê.

Chắc chắn những người như vậy sẽ làm ra sản phẩm hoặc dịch vụ mới tốt hơn, đẹp hơn, bền hơn, tiện lợi hơn.

Chắc chắn những người như vậy không phân biệt lao động chân tay hay trí óc, không so đo tính toán việc nào nhàn hơn mà sử dụng tất cả tài năng và sức khoẻ để làm ra được thứ có ích cho xã hội.

Và vinh quang thuộc về những người biết trân trọng giá trị lao động!

How to Move to Canada If Trump Is President of U.S

How to Move to Canada If Trump Is President of U.S

NOTE: In order to do anything, you must have a budget. So I recommend making money with url shortener, which I have a payment proof for you.

After i was a senior in substantial school, I was too fresh to have your say, but absolutely old more than enough to be some of those unbearable folks who insist that they are totally going to Canada if [X politician] victories. I consistently threatened my parents that I’d move to Canada if George W. Bush was reelected.

Reader, We shifted to Canada.

Today, a decade afterwards, many Us citizens evidently look for to imitate my airline flight. Online searches for “How to move to Canada” spiked after Trump’t Nice Tuesday success, probably just because a sizable portion of the US population is definitely averse to living in a problem dystopia reigned over by a capricious wintertime lead capture pages.

If you’re one of those people searching, here’s a lil sliver of hope: It can be completed. But the new pricy pain in the rear end, and their Netflix sucks.

Have Canadian Family Already

There are a number of different ways you can move to the Drake country. If you have Canadian family members, you can inquire them to sponsor your visa. This is certainly the best way, partly because you don’testosterone levels have got to do much, partially because Canadian family members users constantly know the ~authentic~ poutine joint parts, and so they love to drink full-bodied ales while hollering “gimme your toque. ”

“Toque” is definitely Canadian meant for “hat. ” You need to understand these items.

Do A Job Canada Likes ( Oil? )

You could be qualified to receive a work visa-but that’s entirely dependent about what skill set you have, and just how far along you happen to be in your job. I lived in three different zone in Canada to get a total of seven years and I under no circumstances met anyone who got through this method. I believe it helps if you’re also an expert in oil? Simply like in the US, many jobs in Canada can only move to competent foreign workers if they are more experienced than local candidates, therefore this can end up being a very complicated route, especially if you want to live in a city and not the Yukon.

End up being a Renardière (You Happen to be Not a Refugee)

You could try to claim political refugee status but wear’t fucking do that. Coping with an lemon actuality superstar with baby thumbs since president is definitely not just like residing in Syria. The great people of Immigration Canada (hi, thanks guys ) don’t should have to demolish your stupid protest touch.

Go Back to School

The easiest way to move to Canada for many teenagers is to join one of its colleges. This requires getting recognized to a Canadian college, so bad news: You’re most likely as well late to apply for show up 2016. Remorseful. (“Sorry”-live that, learn it, love this. )

In the event you move to Québec, you also have to get a separate Québec visa, because the unofficial motto of Québec is “fuck all English audio speakers. ”

Getting a student visa is not the same as becoming a Canadian long term resident. You can lengthen the visa upon graduation, nonetheless you’ll want to look for a job in order to keep that. I, personally, did not find a job in Canada after graduating with a degree in English Literature, and therefore I was kindly asked to leave.

Trick a Canadian In Falling in Love With You

BUT! I actually wriggled my own way back in, through another path you can explore: Convincing a Canadian to fall in like with you, get married you, and sponsor the visa. It again assists to desire to bang people wearing cotton. People with spousal visas get to be long lasting citizens, which means you can work (but not really vote).

I actually wish I had beneficial suggestions designed for wooing Canadians but We don’t. My method was obtaining really inebriated and making out with a lot of them until I found one I enjoyed, but the risks of alcohol poisoning and extended experience of actually monotonous interactions about the Habs are too great to recommend that to others.

When you have ensnared a Canadian, you can’t just gently display your marriage license and anticipate to be welcome as a fully committed Canadian. That got 15 a few months of filling out forms and convincing Migrants Canada I had been in a genuine relationship after we got married for them to give me the status credit card that allow me function in Canada. I used to be just able to afford to live during that hellish interlude mainly because I got a job functioning remotely for an US business. This process is definitely not cheap. The costs alone are often around a thousand dollars. Hiring an immigration lawyer speeds up the process slightly, but it adds thousands even more.

This way doesn’t sound right unless you have got money saved up, or your US-based job will let you work remotely until you can legally work in Canada. The good news is definitely the fact that Canadian dollar is definitely rubbish right today, so your money will last.

Be Really Affluent ( Obviously )

For those who have $10 million CDN (around 7. some million USD), you can submit an application for an Zugezogener Investor australian visa. But if you possess that very much cash, here’s a thought: Approach someplace warm!

Canada is actually a good country. The people are wry and kind. That they like glaciers sports as well much, but they’re fun. Their Perfect Minister is normally sexy in a Justin Long kinda method. But also though Canada provides a popularity for politeness and inclusiveness, it may be still a nation with fairly stringent immigration plans, and moving there to demonstration a presidential election is definitely a significant commencing.

Probably simply move to Vermont rather.

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I did my best to explain the method in simplest terms. Let me know if you have any questions.

List of motivational speakers for New Year!

List of motivational speakers for New Year!

Anthony Robins
Richard Chang
Ben Franklin
Michael Gelb
Brian Tracy
Bruce Lee
Chef Jeff
Chris Widener
Claude Bristol
Denis Waitley
Dr Mike D
George Foreman
Jack Canfield
James Arthur
Jay Abraham
Jim Rohn
John Maxwell
James Ray
Les Brown
Louise Hay
Michael Neil
Roger Fritz
Stephen Covey
Stephen Pierce
Stuart Wilde
Diane Finkel
Timothy Ferriss
Wayne Dyer
Zig Ziglar

It is well worth checking out

http://www.themorrymethod.com and http://www.quantumconfidencesystem.com/clubtrial.htm
and listening to some of his interviews. He is possibly the most knowledgeable person on the use of brain entrainment, although I’m not certain of that. He says that music/sounds and other things used to make recordings more appealing, actually inhibit the effect

Hypnosis is not the way forward, nor is listening to or reading ‘self help’ gooroos who have probably never had to face life’s real ups and downs about which they trying to preach. It’s about keeping it together, it’s about retaining the memories (happy and not so), it’s about finding and doing something (a hobby, a job, a pastime) you truly believe in and follow that belief, whatever field or subject it is.

I have chosen to write books and ebooks in my ‘retired’ years. I get onto the computer when I know my wife is safe and comfortable. I do not ignore her or her illness, but I do have to work around them. Perhaps I am fortunate to have things to occupy my mind, no matter how adverse some of them are.

But my advice to GQ is probably typically British, for which I make no apology, is to keep your chin up, matey, and don’t be afraid to show your emotions over your sad loss. It’s an acceptable release-valve. But, as a preference, try not to do so in an overcrowded train headed towards London Bridge station!

I suggest anyone who wants Hogan’s stuff to get an account on biztorrent and download it there.

I posted on this thread because I felt the same as Harrylime. Nearly everything is self-help or what these new agers or success gurus teach is just a mental narcotic. It’s bullshit.

If you do just want to deal with bereavement, then take Harry’s advice. Skip all the nonsense. You’d be better of getting yourself an opiate addiction than getting into self help. Because heroin is a stronger narcotic. I say that to illustrate the point that seeking things just for that sense is not advisable.

If you see that Harry’s advice is right about throwing yourself into the things that you like to do, that occupy your time, are are still looking for something that can drive you from where you are now to do that, then really Hogan’s work is the only one that is about being clear on what you want and be throwing yourself into, into action, until you get it, dealing with the real world things that will come up, the difficulties the loss, the tragedies in life, making contingencies and adjustments, but not throwing you off-course.

I don’t think their is a better form of solace after a bereavement to know that after someone dear has gone, you’d know that if they were looking down on them, you would have made them proud of what you have done with your life. I can’t really think of any other solace that people take from a loss. We’d all want our loved ones to stay strong and make the most of their life after we’ve gone and not fall apart. I hope you can.

[Tu Michael’s Journal – Dec, 2015] Setting Up Everything, Again

[Tu Michael’s Journal – December, 2015]

I. Week 1 (30/11-06/12):
Preparing mindset

II. Week 2 (07-13/12):
– Organizing HDDs’ data. So HUGE! Checked 6 HDDs so far!

– Reinstall wordpress on MJFCVN.ORG
– Try applying New Amaze Theme and some other membership themes. Still figuring it out.
– Start blogging after a really long time.
– Reapply Amazon Affiliate Program

– Set up webcam, headset, microphone. Ready for vlogging or making online tutorials.
– Register a 4share.vn account for uploading/downloading. It is said to be even better than Fshare.vn.
– 50% discount for payment via Visa Credit. Upgraded to 4share.vn VIP account for 250.000VND (Exp: 01-12-2017)
– Study “Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0”: Just start and pause at “Capture Mastery” part.
– Meet show organizer for a Moondancing performance scheduling on Dec 26th.
– Register an vlogplus.vn account

III. Week 3 (14-20/12) :

IV. Week 4 (21-27/12):

V. Week 5 (28-31/12):