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Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson Impersonator

In this article, I'm gonna write about the miracles of Moondancing, or dance in general. Let's moonwalk into it.

1.Time cannot be rewind

As we listen to a song, we don’t only listen to its lyric or melody but also feel the emotion that the song brings to us. And we may be overcome with happiness or sadness from that emotion. We can even move our body to the music or sing along with it. We are one with the song’s freshness, purity and clarity. But in just an instant, we may think of other things. May it be an unfinished work, a bad memory. May it be anything. But one thing is certain, we are no longer with the song. It seems that we cannot hear any sound but only feel anxious about the future or regretful about the past. We only realize and come back to reality when the song ends.

We try to rewind the song. Luckily, the song can be rewind so that we can listen and dance to it again.

But how about the time? It cannot be rewind, for sure.

As time went by, the dance we did when we were young cannot be rewind either. That’s exactly how I feel when I listen to Michael Jackson’s music or watch my Moondancing videos again. As a child, I listened and danced to Michael Jackson’s music with a feeling and innocence of a child. But as I grow up, the feeling to the song has changed, too. I feel energetic and ready to conquer the stage with all of my energy. Now I am 38 years old as I am writing this. I am not as young as before, not too old to dance. But the feeling and attitude is very different.

A little bit proud, a little bit regret, a little bit anxious.

I am proud that I managed to learn and perform Moondancing.

I regret that I miss a lot of chances due to my ignorance.

I am anxious about how I will dance when I am older.

Especially when I look back and watch many of my old videos and documentaries. I spend hours watching them, sometimes with tears in my eyes. I see "another part of me" who was so young and energetic. I remember that I used to have a chance to become better career, but I refused it. I chose a more stable way in a comfort zone of being a banker working for one of biggest bank in Vietnam.

Just recently, when I watched a short video from 13 years ago, I felt so regretful. It was a short documentary style video that was made by a Hollywood director, Tiana. She was a Vietnamese American. She was very impressed with my Moondancing skill and tended to make a full documentary about me and introduce me with a lot of opportunities. I can be an actor, a choreographer or any activities with my love and ability for art. I think she saw something in me that is different from other Michael Jackon impersonators, maybe beyond Michael Jackson copycat. But sadly, I am not determined with that once in a lifetime opportunity. I will write a full story about it later.

"You should focus on present. Use that story as a good material for storytelling to inspire others". That's what Mr.Hoang Xuong Nui - my mentor, business partner and friend - said when I told him about my regret.

And I cannot agree with him more.

The point is:

Is it any useful to listen to a wonderful heavenly song if our mind is lost in horrible hellish work?

Is it any useful to dance naturally if our mind is forced to remember the dance routine?

Is it any useful to sit in a monotonous box working for a high paid 9-5 job if our mind is lost in a colorful world of art?

I doubt not.

And I am proud of quitting my banking job 8 years ago. So, it is time to focus on the present, the here and now.

“It is no use to sit in a peaceful forest if our mind is lost in the city” - Thich Nhat Hanh

2. The Dance Of Miracles

Dancing is a global body language to connect with others. Being able to dance is a miracle in itself. Even if you think it is clumsy, when you dance, you are connecting with your soul. You are finding your true self in dancing. If you live and dance in awareness, you can see miracles everywhere.

Let’s play your favorite music, try moving your arm, legs then your full body to the melody. Don’t pay attention to anything but feel the music. Don’t force yourself to dance. Dance until you are tired. Sit down and relax. Take a deep breath. Take a glass of water. Feel the pureness and freshness of water running through your whole body. Now, can you see miracles?

Maybe you feel nervous at first, but gradually you become one with the dance itself. All your body, mind, spirit becomes one. When you dance, your heart beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings. When you dance, your muscles are responding to every little melody, your breath works automatically to give you more air and energy to dance. The greatest automatic system, the greatest work of art, in a form of a dancing human being. If it is not a miracle, then please tell me what is?

If you are able to move your body to music, that means you are alive, you are million times luckier than those who are suffering from hunger, diseases that unable to move slightly. What more of a miracle can you ask for?

When we listen and dance to a song, its melody can relax us. Just like when we live with our child and beloved ones, their warmth can make us feel loving and peaceful. But if our heart is not with them, their precious presence is neglected, and they no longer exist. Just like when we are listening to the song, but our mind is full of thoughts to actually hear any sound, not to mention feel the emotion from the song.

To prove this point, let me tell you about my story of how I experience as a Moondancer and a father:

I loved playing and dancing with my daughter. She was so adorable when she was little. Oh, my mistake, she is always adorable no matter how grown up she is. She is always my forever little loving adorable daughter. But to be honest, sometimes I was so mad at her that I shouted at her, even spank her. Maybe it gave me the feeling of “winning” at that time, but actually I am losing to my negative feeling. Later, I felt so regretful. Especially now she is growing bigger and taller, we rarely play and dance together like before. She even refuses to dance like Michael Jackson and now she is learning some silly TikTok dance moves which I really hate. But what can I do? The moment of happiness between father and daughter dancing like Michael Jackson together as you can see in the above video is gone.

I don’t care if you can give your child 1 million USD and call it love, but I am sure millions of USD cannot buy the time and joy of the moment your child dancing with you.

When the moment is gone, it's gone for good. It cannot be rewind.

Just like the moment I dance with my daughter, the moment I am not determined with my career opportunity, the moment the song ends, the moment I realize that don’t have the strength to dance like I was at my 20s.

So, here is the lesson to learn:

If you consider something or someone valuable, please give your heart fully to them. We must be aware of them to appreciate their value, to allow them to be our peacefulness and happiness. The moment we begin asking too much of them is the moment we become dissatisfied with them. And it is the moment we are gradually losing them. Only after they are gone will we realize their preciousness and feel regretful. But once they are gone, all our regrets are in vain.

About me and my daughter, I think I will not ask too much of her to stop doing TikTok dance. Instead, I think I will learn those TikTok dance moves with her. We may have fun again. We may record TikTok dance video together, even if I may look silly in the video. But who cares? I still think those dance moves are silly but as long as my daughter is happy, and we are having good time together as father and daughter, what more of a miracle can I ask for?

Daily struggles and habit energy make us so tired and feel discouraged that we may not notice this miracle, but it is always there. And this miracle is so precious that you should share with your beloved ones and value every moment with them from your heart. If your heart is not there with them, you will not see the miracle.

In order to see that miracle deep within your heart, you will have to find your true self. And I will tell y0u my story of how I struggle to find my true self in another article.

After you finish reading this article, I encourage you to turn on the music and start dancing. Believe me, when you dance alone or with someone, you are sharing the same heartbeat with rhythm of all beings. You feel connected without saying a single word. Because dance is a global body language. Because dance is a miracle in itself, especially Moondancing.

Goodbye for now and may God bless you all.

From Tu Michael with L.O.V.E.


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