Michael Jackson Impersonator
Michael Jackson Impersonator

Michael Jackson Impersonator

What is the definition of a Michael Jackson impersonator? Who are the best Michael Jackson impersonators? In this article, I will share with you my knowledge and honest opinion about Michael Jackson impersonator based on my 20+ year experience of being a Michael Jackson impersonator, or rather, a Moondancer. Let’s moonwalk into it!

1.What does “Michael Jackson impersonator” mean?

According to Oxford Language, “impersonator” is a person who pretends to be someone for entertainment or fraud. So here is an easy and full definition of “Michael Jackson impersonator”:

A “Michael Jackson impersonator” is someone who pretends to be Michael Jackson, mainly for entertainment purpose. Another word for “Michael Jackson impersonator” is “Michael Jackson imitator”, “Michael Jackson tribute artist”. Many Michael Jackson impersonators work for tribute shows or were hired as a decoy by Michael Jackson himself.

2.Why don’t people simply call “Michael Jackson impersonator” as “Michael Jackson dancer”?

From my point of view, there is a good reason for “Michael Jackson impersonator” not being called “Michael Jackson dancer”. Because a Michael Jackson impersonator is basically an actor/actress who is playing a role of Michael Jackson. And you know what makes a good actor? It is when actor can bring life to the character they play, whether it is in movie or on live stage. So, a good Michael Jackson impersonator must bring life to the character “Michael Jackson”.

3.Who are the best Michael Jackson impersonators?

When I google, I can see some names pop up such as Navi, Ben Jackson. Navi was even hired by Michael Jackson himself to be his decoy. Ben Jackson was nominated as the world’s best Michael Jackson impersonator. But in my honest opinion, there is NO best “Michael Jackson impersonator”. There is only Michael Jackson most look-alike, sound-alike, dance-alike, or even live-alike person.

There has been a number of movies on Michael Jackson, but none can play the role well. Come on! “Michael Jackson” is a really complex character and a very difficult role to play.

4.The reason why I don’t like Michael Jackson impersonator

I have been standing onstage and performing Michael Jackson dance since I was a kid in early 2000. I was only 15 years old back then. I love dancing like Michael Jackson. But to be honest, I don’t really like to be seen as merely “Michael Jackson impersonator”. And I really don’t like how Michael Jackson impersonators take plastic surgery to have an appearance looks like Michael Jackson. It is just so weird and ugly that I really want to vomit. Sorry for the harsh words but that’s my honest feeling. You can watch my video below for my honest opinions about Michael Jackson impersonator:

The plastic surgery technique is more and more advanced. I believe that if I am willing to suffer pains and pay enough money, I can have an appearance that looks exactly like Michael Jackson. But it is just an appearance, an outside look. It will never deliver the true spirit of Michael Jackson in daily life. It is ok if you use make up to look like Michael Jackson, but take plastic surgery to be Michael Jackson look-alike, speak a soft voice to be Michael Jackson sound-alike, do some Moonwalk and crotch grabbing to be Michael Jackson dance-alike? Give me a break. Don’t even to mention that you will wear a mask all day, avoid the sunlight, do whatever The King Of Pop does to be Michael Jackson live-alike. Just be yourself and live your life, my friends.

5. Are “Michael Jackson impersonators” underrated?

Sadly, yes. I must admit that Michael Jackson impersonators are really underrated. They don’t receive much respect although they have to practice really hard like other dancers. Many people look down on Michael Jackson impersonators and say they are only copycats, a fake failed copy of Michael Jackson. But, deep inside my heart, there is much more to be a Michael Jackson impersonator than an ordinary dancer who imitates Michael Jackson dance moves. It is a lifestyle, a spiritual feeling and connection that goes beyond copying Michael Jackson.

6. Is there a better word for “Michael Jackson impersonator”?

Yeah, I know, the word “impersonator” is kinda long, right? So, I have a better suggestion. Let’s give Michael Jackson’s unique dance style a name. And what can be a better name than the word “Moondancing”? And let’s give a name to the dancers who practice and perform “Moondancing” a special name, an official title. Let’s call them “Moondancer”!

It’s great, right? Moondancer can create their own Moondancing style, not merely copy Michael Jackson dance moves. In this blog, I will write a lot about Marketing and Moondancing. From there, we can develop Moondancing style to a whole new level and keep Michael Jackson’s legacy alive.

I really hope that more and more people will learn Moondancing and know how to do Marketing themselves in a proper way. Moondancing is all about discovering and healing the inner world. Marketing is all about spreading your story to the outer world.

Isn’t it great to combine those 2 aspects together? Get ready to join me in this wonderful journey!


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