Hi, this is Tu Michael. First of all, “Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis” by Dr Robert Anthony, is the simplest and fast working self hypnosis program I have found! Even if you don’t believe in hypnosis just give it a shot. It’s just 16 min long. It will at least […]

[REVIEW] Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis by Dr Robert Anthony

As I’ve mentioned already in some other posts I like writing and I focus a lot on Kindle writing. Which also means I am also continuously interested in learning as much as I can about Kindle publishing. I also mentioned here that one of the best e-publishing courses I’ve ever […]

Why Rocks Are More Important Than Gravel and Sand

Hi, this is Tu Michael! Have you experienced any great loss that affected your life? For sure such loss does give us pause in life. Wanting to make a change is a good thing and I would like to offer some helps, especially with those are looking for hypnosis treatment. […]

Overcome Great Loss Using Hypnosis?

Hi, Tu Michael here! So you are looking to make easy money from URL shortening? There are many website allows services to shrink URLs. URL-shortening services allow you to make cash when you use them to shorten long URLs from various websites. You can post shortened URLs on your blog, […]

Next Top URL Shorteners To Earn Easy Money Online

Hi, Tu Michael here! As you may know, to generate a new text file in a certain directory, we do 3 steps: 1) right click any empty area 2) move the mouse pointer to “New” 3) left click “text document” But I want to “”simplify”” above process! 1. Quickly Create […]

[SOLVED] Quickly Create a New Text Document Anywhere With Lightning ...