Kevin Hogan Goal Acquisition Course Is The Real Deal?

Most of the self help crowd, like most WSO sellers, are self-deluded charlatens selling things that are destined to fail. Zig Ziglar. Brian Tracey. Matt Furey. Dr Robert Anthony. New-age garbage and fantasy. I succumbed to the BS of Brian Tracy and his made up stats of writing goals every day in the present tense, only to get nowhere. This is the same for anyone.

These guy’s are pseudo-science peddlars, no matter how convinced they are they have magic powers and can convince you.

It is after many years of wading through that kind of stream of nonsense that I have had the good fortune of discovering Kevin Hogan and his Goal Acquisition course on Saturday night. It was on Biztorrents and it had great reviews and I trust them on there as it is a learned crowd. I’m on cd 9 out of 13 1 hour CDs.

I can’t really do justice to just what a great course this is. It’s grounded in science and the real world. No LOA bs. Solid neuroscience, genetics, evolution. This guy is real.

I have a strong scientific and rational bent. I was willing to suspend all that trying out the promises of the BS merchants, even though I know what they taught was impossible. Jack Canfield talking about having 1000’s of goals all wrote down. Ziglar 100 goals. Anything you want blah blah blah, because Billionaires like Dan Pena talks about them a lot and all wealthy people, so I got duped by listening to the wrong people and just ended up frustrated.

Kevin Hogan’s program is different. It’s real world, credible, scientifically validated stuff. And it will make sense to any person who has set goals and never achieved them using conventional methods as to exactly why they never achieved them before. It offers a real way to improve your life and get where you want that doesn’t rely on faith in some mystical benevolent universal force that doesn’t even exist, or weird navel gazing practices.

Check out the sales page HERE

I would advise not approaching listening with the mind set of whether you like the way the guy talks or not or how you feel about him personally. Although the guy is skilled narrator.

The content is all important. The objective, undeniable, factual truth of it. And the fact that it is based on today’s knowledge of how the brain works and up-to-date studies, not thousands of years of quasi-religious folk belief. It’s the truth. And I recommended only because of that. And because I know that kind of thing will not be found in the usual crowd of cult figures.

But it’s important most of all because really, unless you are a bit strange, the goal setting process itself, and getting all excited and pumped up, the navel gazing, the bountiful universe, the feel-good stuff and all the preparation and rituals are not the goal, you actually just want your life to be a certain way, for things to change, and you want a real way to get there and be living those things you actually do have a very good statistical chance of accomplishing for real, and not in some deluded state that it is all going to turn out for you because you are writing your goals everyday and seeing things in your mind, which don’t materialize in reality but feel ok anyway. This isn’t a spiritual kind of training where you have to be on a certain vibe to get what is being said, like reading Lao Tzu or philosophical, mystical writing about the world or universe. You just have to know that there is a lot of bullshit and nonsense out there like the Secret, and other things like that that don’t and can’t work because they are based on beliefs about the universe that most scientists know to be false or just don’t know either way, and want the straight truth about things so you can get on in life for real and achieve things.

Also you see why all the other stuff on goals (except say the Maltz/Kennedy stuff to a degree) that these big, creepy, grinning success gurus teach is laughable nonsense. I knew when I was advised to sit down and write everything I ever wanted in life with no limits, in full detail, like it’s real and must, by the iron clad universal law of cause and effect, materialize through sheer mental power and thought, that I was suspending all rational sense and good judgement.

This isn’t a recommendation based on a personal favourite personality I like. I just want to point out that if people are not ready to face reality and actually get on in life and put in the work, then you’re right, this isn’t for them because they aren’t ready to hear that. If they want motivation and to feel good and get out of the dumps, then this isn’t for them right now. If they are in the position of ”look, just give me the fucking truth on what I need to do get over the things holding me back and the self-sabotage, the inertia, the fears, habits and be a real world success in what I am aiming for without having to believe in patent nonsense”, then you’ll want to get this. Earnest study it so you understand what is necessary in your own life, and then apply what you’ve learn to your own daily life. This is a master work. Like any great work of any kind. It’s that which is important.

[WHAT?!] Meditation, Hypnosis, Binaural Waves, Subliminal Messages, Paraliminal

I’m against Hypnosis. Why? You should do it yourself and not with “tricks”, you are grown up God sake, come on man. Reading books, I advice against that too. Most of the times it will stay at reading and not taking action and that’s the main problem! I wish you all the best anyway, but do it yourslef. Don’t take “shortcuts”!

Why not ? I’m glad if you found your own path, but everybody is different. If Hypnosis and reading books is not your cup of tea, it doesn’t mean it’s bad for others. Hypnosis can actually be very helpful for some people !

I don’t understand How can You “do” hypnosis by yourself?? Hypnosis is something ‘somebody’ has to do TO You.
There is a lot of mp3 Hypnosis that you can find all over internet… Just get a comfortable position and listen to it !

Hypnosis will not work and is not the way…
I think there is a big misunderstanding about what is Hypnosis and how it really works !

As for Hypnosis series, I like Harlan Kilstein – The Hypnotic Secret
Also, I would like you to watch, The Opus if possible……
It’s a motivational movie. Lastly, The Shift by Dr.Wayne Dyer

First of all, there is MEDITATION… This is something important that everybody should do to connect with spirituality and let go things. But if you are like me, you will find out that it is nearly impossible to just sit down and breath. This is why I LOVE guided meditation.

When you are in a meditative state, it is good to add HYPNOSIS on top of it as it will re-program your subconscious and help you change your bad habits.

When you really want to be in the perfect state for hypnosis, it is good to mix it with BINAURAL WAVES as the two different frequencies in each ear (Stereo headphone is required) forces your brain to create the missing part… and put you exactly where you want to be.

Something more powerful than hypnosis is SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES because it communicates directly with your subconscious.

There is also some interesting work with PARALIMINAL wich consist of two different stories in each ear.

The audios MP3 that you find on Internet are a mix of this different techniques… Some will do only hypnosis talking, others will add some music to it while others will add Binaural beats.

I have been searching a lot on Internet about this topics… and listened to a lot of different work. Some hypnosis are very boring (sometimes) or very bad audio recording quality.

That said… I can recommend, without any hesitation, the remarkable work of Kelly Howell

Reasons to Quit

Here is something Down to the earth/straight-from-the-horse’s- (excuse me, a VERY Successful person many of you know) mouth:

(From the latest issue of Geoff Shaw’s of the Kindling fame ezine.)

“Reasons to Quit”

“My Dad asked me in the weekend what’s ‘Willie Nelson up to these days?’

That night I found myself listening to some of his music while on YouTube and remembered a song ‘Reasons to Quit’ that he sang with Merle Haggard.
It made me write this email.

Most people only need ONE reason to quit and their chance of a better future goes up in smoke.

Do any of these sound familiar?

– I don’t have the time
– I can’t write
– I need the money today not tomorrow
– I’ve found something that seems better (even though it isn’t), My family think I’m stupid, Someone told me to give up, I didn’t succeed the first time I tried to do it, It’s too hard, It seems too easy etc, etc, etc

Merle’s lyrics aren’t exactly relevant but the song title sure is.

In this life of ‘Need for Instant Gratification’ quitting is TOO Easy.

If I know something is right – I don’t quit… EVER!

I don’t allow myself that negative indulgence for fear of becoming like most of the rest of the world who aren’t living… merely passing their time away until THAT day

So how can I help you? (if you need it)

The more reasons you have for continuing the more chance you will reach your goals.

So make a list.

Make a HUGE list.

Make the MOTHER of all lists… with ALL the reasons WHY YOU Want to Succeed with whatever you’re doing (or should be doing)

Let’s use Book Publishing as a Business.

The initial reason for most will be to make lots of money… and with that comes a whole lot more reasons like…

better health for you and your family
better living standards
safer cars
safer neighborhoods
better food
relieving financial stress
helping others
helping animals
doing the fun stuff you can’t afford right now.

These all lead to the Ultimate Reason – FREEDOM

Trust me when I say ‘money buys a whole lot of freedom’

You can never have too many reasons to do what you know you should be doing.

IF you have enough reasons to stay committed, you will succeed.

Go on – write that list NOW.

Don’t show it to anyone else… that will dilute your energy and they could quite likely come up with a Reason to Quit.

Write the list – add to it – keep referring to it when you feel like quitting and create a better life.

It’s worth every minute of effort.

I’m sending you a Cyber Shoe.

Not to give you a Boot in the Bum.

This is a Good Cyber Shoe.

It’s one of mine and I’d like you to walk a mile in my shoe and see why you have so many reasons NOT to quit what you’re doing.

It’s a bloody good life

Have a great day

[REVIEW] Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis by Dr Robert Anthony

Hi, this is Tu Michael.

First of all, “Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis” by Dr Robert Anthony, is the simplest and fast working self hypnosis program I have found!
Even if you don’t believe in hypnosis just give it a shot. It’s just 16 min long.
It will at least relax you. You can take it as a meditation.

This will put you into hypnotic or trance state (drowsy but conscious) and you can put in your own suggestion in your subconscious mind.

This intrigued me when I heard it first time on one of his audios.

The Truth About Willpower

Here is something else that is very important to understand. Most people try to change their habits and beliefs through the use of willpower. I WILL stop smoking. I WILL lose weight. I WILL be confident. I WILL become wealthy, etc.

The problem with willpower — believe it or not – is willpower does not exist!

The truth is that you do not have willpower or lack of willpower. What is really happening when you use what most people call “willpower” is your Conscious attention is overriding your Subconscious attention.

In other words, you can always consciously override what the SUBCONSCIOUS mind has been programmed to do. For example, if you’re a smoker and you consciously decide not to smoke, you probably will not smoke – for awhile. However, the moment you get distracted, the cigarette ends up in your hand because your SUBCONSCIOUS attention says you smoke, so you smoke.

The same is true if you’re on a diet. When your “willpower” breaks, when your conscious attention gets distracted, what happens? You find yourself with cheesecake in hand. Why? Because that’s your SUBCONSCIOUS mind taking over and you keep doing the same thing you did before, which is to eat the cheesecake.

Let’s say you tend to procrastinate. So you decide to use “willpower” to stop yourself from procrastinating. That works okay for awhile until your conscious attention get distracted. What happens then? You go right back to procrastinating.

When you consciously try to change (using what some people call “willpower”) you’re okay and your commitment works.

But as soon as you get distracted, your SUBCONSCIOUS Blueprint (the way you were before you tried to change) takes over.

“Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis” Contents:
There are Five Sessions that are included in this program.
Three are written and two are audio programs.

Introduction to Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis

Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis INDUCTION

The induction I will share with you is a step-by-step method for easily hypnotizing yourself. In this session I will guide you through the whole Deliberate Creation Instant Self-Hypnosis process. It will only take about fifteen minutes the first few times and five or six minutes when you use it yourself.

We will finish this session by practicing how to open your own personal gateway into Self-Hypnosis quickly and easily, every time. We will install the instant Self-Hypnosis trigger so that you can go into Self-Hypnosis anytime you want to in less than two minutes.

Changing Your Subconscious Blueprint

In this session you will learn what to do after you have opened the gateway to your Subconscious. I will show how to Command, Instruct and Ask your Subconscious to assist you in manifesting your desires.

Anchoring Deliberate Creation Instant Self Hypnosis
and Your ESP

In this session we will use what you learned in the previous sessions and also anchor your Deliberate Creation Self Hypnosis with your “ESP” – which is explained in Session Three.

Taking Inspired Action

It is not enough to just go into Self-Hypnosis and work with your Subconscious mind. You must take “Inspired” Action. I will explain what “Inspired” Action is, how to recognize it, and how to use it.

Read the full sales page(very informative) HERE:

Why Rocks Are More Important Than Gravel and Sand

As I’ve mentioned already in some other posts I like writing and I focus a lot on Kindle writing. Which also means I am also continuously interested in learning as much as I can about Kindle publishing.

I also mentioned here that one of the best e-publishing courses I’ve ever came across is Geoff Shaw’s “Kindling“. It is an ongoing course which is continuously updated.

Lately Geoff started to send us his newsletter. And I have to tell you that aren’t too many ezines nowadays I would look up to read every issue I get as I do with Geoff’s newsletter.

The most interesting thing is, it doesn’t even look like an ezine – more like his own personal thoughts, ideas, tips, notes. They include a lot of inspiration and extremely good advice.

My most favorite up to date is this one (I’ve also printed and pinned it on my board right in front of me)

I hope Geoff wouldn’t mind if I post it here in full since it is SO GOOD!

There’s a couple of things I want to tell you about in this email.

I do Yoga.

I do yoga because I do weight lifting.

I do one to balance the other.

You need to make sure you have a good balance in your life too. If you’re spending hours in front of the computer then it needs to be balanced with time out – away from the screen, breathing some fresh air and listening to the sounds of nature.

My yoga teacher told me a story than many of you might have already heard but it’s very relevant to what you’re doing every day of your life.

A professor was giving a talk on time management and he placed a jar on the desk and filled it with rocks before asking the students ‘Is the jar full?’

Many said yes.

He then added gravel to the jar and once again asked if it was full.

Not wanting to sound stupid no one said yes.

He then added sand and once again asked if it was full.

No one said yes.

He then added water and asked ‘is it full?’


And then he asked ‘What was the point of this demonstration?’

To which one person replied – ‘no matter how little time you think you have there is always time to do more’

‘NO!’ was the reply.

That had nothing to do with it.

The whole point of the demonstration was…

‘If I didn’t put the rocks in first, I would never have been able to add them later’

You need to take care of the rocks in your business first and foremost.

You need to concentrate on the BIG business assets – the most important business assets first, so you actually have a good core business that will help you to move forward ever growing.

So if you’re a writer, you need to concentrate on the Rocks… writing your books, before you start spending time on other stuff that are the ‘smaller’ parts of your business.

Too many people spend too much time on the gravel and sand before they’ve got their rocks in place and then wonder why their business crumbles so easily at the first small wind of change.

That’s it
Rock on and have a great day