Hi, Tu Michael here! As you may know, to generate a new text file in a certain directory, we do 3 steps: 1) right click any empty area 2) move the mouse pointer to “New” 3) left click “text document” But I want to “”simplify”” above process! 1. Quickly Create […]

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Earning money from shorten URL is one of the easiest method in which you do not require any technical skills, it is the simple method from which you can earn money online. Those persons which are don’t know about how to make money online can use this service and can […]

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As leaders, you and I are held to a higher standard of accountability. We must guard against allowing pride in the accomplishments Look at your life and ask yourself this question: 1. In what circumstances have you done something, justifying your actions by saying to yourself, “They owe it to […]

[Leadership] Questions for Further Reflection

When I tried to run the setup, it showed “Your internet setting prevent one or more apps from opening.” I tried all the solutions mentioned all over the internet and nothing worked. I spend about an hour to figure out the solution to this weird issue. Do this: 1) Shorten […]

[Solved] MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 Installation Problem

I often see people acquiring resources without the proper planning, ideas, or knowledge about how best to implement those resources. It’s important in business to ensure you are maximizing utility while also minimizing unnecessary costs. Rushing out and blowing a couple hundred bucks a month even though you don’t have […]

VPS (Virtual Private Server) – What To Prepare BEFORE Buying