[Solved] MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 Installation Problem

When I tried to run the setup, it showed “Your internet setting prevent one or more apps from opening.”

I tried all the solutions mentioned all over the internet and nothing worked. I spend about an hour to figure out the solution to this weird issue.

Do this:
1) Shorten the name of all folders in which the setup is kept. For example, Change “MICROSOFT Office PRO Plus 2016 v16.0.4266.1003 RTM” to “office 2016” everywhere.
2) Open setup and enjoy.

You wont find this simple solution anywhere on the internet!! Apparently, windows have some problems in dealing with long file/folder names. I hope I saved you from hours of frustration.

I am running windows 10 64bit, and Office 2016 works perfectly.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) – What To Prepare BEFORE Buying

I often see people acquiring resources without the proper planning, ideas, or knowledge about how best to implement those resources. It’s important in business to ensure you are maximizing utility while also minimizing unnecessary costs. Rushing out and blowing a couple hundred bucks a month even though you don’t have a plan to recoup the investment is a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

So I encourage you to consider that much of what you wrote can easily apply to other resources as well including: SEO services, bots and software packages, educational materials, membership based services and products, etc…

Sometimes you have to learn the hard way as buying monthly subscription plans can add up and bring your net worth down or even put you in debt.

There are many reasons getting a VPS early can make a difference if you plan your growth, but it can also lead to disarray.

Below are the recommended steps to have completed before getting into a server providers hands.

If you don’t have one or more of these inclusions it could rip your hopes, wallet and dreams apart due to the complexicity and dire need to narrow down and be specific enough to get your hands in the right direction with things like dedicated servers and VPS’s.

1) Find a method

2) Plan & Implement manually

3) Scale Manually

4) Document menial tasks

5) Find shortcuts to each step

6) Find a bot or use imacros to allow for seamless ease of incorporation

7) Find and develop plans for using the bot

8) Get a functioning bot running

9) Do this multiple times to run at least 2 CPU cores every day

10) Get a VPS capable of handling just enough of all your bots

11) Run bots 24/7 with proper delays and limitations

12a) Scale up or down your VPS budget based on making enough from side monetization streams to allow for exactly or near enough payments to get your money’s worth out of your VPS.

12b) Have enough future / potential out of your idea and usage of your VPS to make it worth your effort and handle your bills to be paid in order to continue receiving the service without going under.

~ Optional Step: Analyze multiple profit stream opportunities and get proven results to cover sudden bursts or breaking points that could hinder consistent results.

~ Always validate and investigate new trends to have additional uses for a VPS.

Your good to go.

Hope this helps… As most methods posted nowadays have people suggesting VPS’s or those asking for a VPS especially have a right to know if they can even handle the responsibility without a proven idea.

Scale with caution.

COPPA for Amazon Associates – How to complete?

COPPA stands for Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

You must confirm to Amazon Your Websites are not Targeted at Children

Amazon requires that you confirm your websites are not targeted primarily at children under 13.

This is very important, otherwise your account will be closed like mine!

August 31, 2015 — Amazon began to withhold advertising fee payments to accounts that have not completed their declaration.
October 31, 2015 — Amazon closed accounts that have not completed their declaration.

To complete the declaration:
1. Sign in to your Associates Central account at: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com
2. Click on “Account Settings”, then click on “Edit your website list”
3. Ensure ‘Your website list’ is accurate — by adding new websites or removing existing ones from the list.
4. Click on “Next” and complete the declaration process.

[2015] Top 10 Best Internet Marketing Courses

In the previous post, I mention about Top 10 Best Internet Marketing Courses in order to go from zero to making serious online money. So here is the list (only up to 2015, who knows there might be even better courses)

Not in any one order, but…

  1. Copy Hacker (the #1 course that taught me how to write real copy that converts)
  2. Jo Han Mok – Forbidden Persuasion Secrets (this taught me framing, high level copy skills and power words)
  3. Paul Borgese – Fear Selling
  4. Yanik Silver & Alex Mandossian – 21 Mind Motivators
  5. Mark Hoverson – Irresistible Info Marketing Blueprint / Solomon CEO (Straight Talk NO BS… This guy got me unstuck)
  6. Media Buying – Academy by Knowledge.ly
  7. Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy
  8. Mike Filsaime – Butterfly Marketing & 7 Figure Code (Mike & more-so Stephen Pierce (in 7 fig code) taught me how to structure/build-out a 7 figure IM business)
  9. Frank Kern – Mass Control
  10. FB Crack Reloaded 2014

The best Facebook Course I went through that had real meaty information
And for the record, I went through ALL of the below courses:

– FB Amy Porterfield
– FB Ad Secrets Andrea Vahls
– FB Alchemy
– FB Marketing Ryan Deiss

None of the above courses compared to FB Crack Reloaded IMO.

Why would I spend time and money to sell someone else’s course?

The simple reason is this..
There are many, many people around the world that have heard that there are ways to make money via the internet (and many other ways of making money via internet marketing) and would also like to make money from home but they haven’t got a clue about how to get going and what is required to get started.. such as, what’s involved, the general ideology behind it all, main methods, what tools and equipment are required, what budget is required to set-up and maintain an online business, best practices, best principles, time management, and on and on…

Bear in mind that this is merely a simplistic answer to your query but it should suffice people’s naivety..

We, can sign up to the marketers who are selling these many and varied types of online courses as affiliates and earn a substantial living by marketing / advertising these courses and their accompanying OTO’s via various (and sometimes nefarious) means, such as the many and varied forms FB advertising or FB groups and FB pages etc, YouTube videos or YouTube advertising, Google +, general Social Media, or media buys for magazines (The magazine or publication you advertise in is dependant on the niche of the course you are selling – the publication you advertise in for a gardening course is self evident etc..) and the list goes on..

Suppose that we sell a full course along with the OTO’s to one person and make $300 – do that just 10 times per month and it’s $3,000, $3,000 X 12 = $36,000 per year.

I’m sure you could find a suitable course that you can dig your teeth into and manage to consistently make more than 10 sales per month..

I am no expert but I can and do manage that amount of cash easily, but I want even MORE than that.. we are all here to learn..

This course that you are able to download for FREE TODAY will show you THE BEST WAY to go about it..

We are all here to learn more and more ways to make money online from THE TRUE EXPERTS..

Some people may think the “expert” interviewed was not worth a listen
If none of the ‘education’ works internet marketers are just draining their buyers credit, until those folks can’t buy the next lucky charm.
If so,then you want to go were they look first and sell them out…Hard.

However, life’s most profitable endeavors are often boring. Remember why jobs are so boring and we still stick to them! If you have to make money of your own, you have to conquer your own mood, take more risks and find excitement in uncertainty