Are you watching Youtube videos everyday? Do you know you can make some money by watching videos on Youtube? The method is very simple. 1. Register an account on Vagex 2. Download and install Autoview software 3. Log in your account on Vagex and write down your user ID. It’s on the top left of […]


November is considered as the month of blockbuster games. Let’s find out the top five ones! Assassin’s Creed III Released date: 20/11 The name must be mentioned on top of the list is a very special “candidate”, Assassin’s Creed III, which was released one week ago (October 30th) Despite it was a hit in foreign […]


The best way to reach a large number of people and get your message across on the internet today is through video but not just any video. It must be a video that captures and keeps your audienceʼs attention. You do need a network of people with some measure of influence that you can tap […]


As I have mentioned in the previous blog post, I participated in an online dancing contest “Dance with MJ” hosted by Pepsi and MTV Vietnam. And I am so proud of being the winner! Thanks everyone for voting! I am really appreciated! Keep Michaeling!


I am participating in an online dance contest hosted by MTV, sponsored by Pepsi, in tribute to the King of Pop. I dance to “Dangerous” but it is not the live version that I often perform. Instead, I use the version from “Immortal” album. The video which has the most views will be the winner. […]