New Seoclerks V2 Released! Great Promotion for Great Celebration!

The new SEOClerks has officially been released today! This new Seoclerks Version 2 was built entirely from users’ suggestions. Not only does the new design look amazing, over 65 new features and updates have been applied. This makes SEOClerks stand out from any other marketplace in the industry.

The beautiful new bootstrap based, responsive design allows anyone to access SEOClerks from any device, on any platform. The new features make it easier to use, find, manage and track your tasks, jobs and purchases. It’s already enabled, just visit SEOClerks to see it.

In celebration Seoclerks is very generous to give back to the community with these three awesome things:

– Buy Any 3 Services, Get 20% Back Instantly (For the next 72 hours)
This is for loyal buyers on Seoclerks. All you have to do is purchase your favorite services. You can claim this refund option as many times as you like until the promotion is over.

– 1,000 USD for the third affiliate contest
The contest idea is very simple: whoever gets the most affiliate sales will win. The contest ends at 24:00 EST on October 8th, 2013!

– Free Money
Who doesn’t like free money? Just enter this code TheNewSEOClerks! to receive 5 usd to spend on any service on seoclerks. Any purchase made with this coupon also qualifies for the “Buy 3, Get 20% back” promo as mentioned above.

Oh, I almost forget, you can always claim another 5usd coupon HERE! This offer is exclusively for my blog readers!

Thinking about how Seoclerks celebrate the new version with this great promotion, I feel quite disappointed in Fiverr. Fiverr has already launched Fiverr V2, celebrated 2 million gigs, featured on the media as “world’s largest marketplace for service”. But what did Fiverr do? Nothing! No promotion for buyers or sellers! No celebration! No coupon! I am a long time seller on Fiverr and after all my contribution, Fiverr can easily ban my account permanently no matter how I tried to explain. Obviously, Seoclerks cares for users more than Fiverr. I will probably write another article on this issue. Until then, just enjoy the Seoclerks V2 Celebration Party!

Awesome Benefits for OfferSauce Sellers!

If you are looking for a premier place to find premium WSOs, FSOs and Clickbank offers. OfferSauce is the best choice that always keeps buyers on top of the hottest Internet Marketing offers with a daily Hot Sauce list.
I am also a member of Warrior Forum (WF) so I am surprised to see how OfferSauce can benefit WSO (Warrior Special Offer) Sellers. OfferSauce can add great value and incentives to your WSO or FSO with bonuses, cash, points and rewards. It will be great idea if you include OfferSauce bonuses in your offer, or just on your thank you page!

These are some awesome benefits for OfferSauce sellers:
1. Increase sales
By promoting your offer in conjunction with OfferSauce, I guarantee that your sales’ average will increase. If you are a buyer, are you interested in a cashback? Surely you are, right? So your buyers will respond better to an offer with a cash back incentive, and additional bonuses; reducing buyer resistance.

2. Reduce refunds
Buyers are far less likely abuse refund policies and guarantees when money is also coming out of his or her pocket. Instead of attracting chronic refunders, you will be targeting buyers that commit to a purchase. OfferSauce’s members have greater retention and a vested interest in not refunding frivolously.

3. Fraud protection
With the constant increase in buyer/affiliate fraud on offers, you are just losing money paid out to fake affiliates. OfferSauce offers over a dozen fraud prevention measures to protect both buyers and sellers from fraudulent activities. This is a great security measure to prevent illegal purchases, refunds and chargebacks.

4. Visibility
Get your offer in front of our large, and ever-growing, captive audience of targeted offer buyers.
Reduce “blackhat”- Offers that give buyers a reason to purchase are far less likely to end up on a “blackhat” or free code site. Don’t let your offer get devalued and downloaded illegally.

Plus, when you use the sellers’ banners (found in the Refer A Member section of the Member’s Area), you referral code will earn you a 10% override on your buyers earnings on each and every purchase they make, for life!

With the benefits listed above, I highly recommend OfferSauce to everyone. No matter if you are newbie or master in Internet Marketing, you should give it a try!

Seoclerks Coupon Codes Given To Followers For FREE

Free Seoclerks coupon codes are being offered on my blog once again! I’d like to thank those who have registered under my affiliate link. All coupon codes being offered here are legit and I must confirm every affiliate accounts with Seoclerks admin before sending coupon. That’s why it is required to contact me via personal email after signing up under my affiliate link. However, I have received so many requests which seemed to be spammers, especially the ones sent from “” server. So I’d like to write this blog post on how to receive Seoclerks coupon codes with safety.
1. Register under my affiliate link
2. Follow my Seoclerks account
3. Send me a message on Seoclerks (NOT via email on this blog)
4. Coupon will be sent within 24 hours or up to 48 hours due to timezone difference
5. If you don’t receive the coupon, please send me a message on Seoclerks
These steps are more simple because following my Seoclerks account will confirm that you are real human, not bots. So please click “Follow” on my profile after signing up under my affiliate link.
Each Seoclerks coupon code worths 5 usd and must be redeemed within 10 days. If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comment section below. Thanks!

“Offersauce” – Cash Back on Any WSOs You Buy!

OffersauceIf you are thinking about buying a WSO, just stop for a moment and check out Offersauce. This site is really cool, I’ve never seen anything like it before.

It’s a new online community called “Offer Sauce”. I have just found out about them and I was so impressed that I decided to write about it although I was really upset with my Fiverr account being banned.

What is OfferSauce?
Basically, OfferSauce lists and displays the HOTTEST offers in the Internet marketing and Making Money Online niches. It brings the latest, most reputable WSO, FSO and Clickbank offers and product launches available. You can even request an offer to be listed on OfferSauce, no matter it is yours or other’s.

How can I benefit from OfferSauce?
Every time you buy a WSO through them you’ll get up to 75% back. For example, if you buy a WSO that is $20, you’ll receive as much as $15.00 back (plus a bunch of cool extra bonuses).

So it does not matter if you are a pro or a newbie in Internet Marketing. This site is the All-in-One place that you register and check out everyday.
Oh yeah, and it’s free to join too :)

This is a total win-win for everyone. Check out the rest of the details, it will all make sense when you see it…

I will come up with a more detailed OfferSauce Review later. I must check out this awesome site because I have seen some cool WSOs with great discount and cash back! Hoo hoo!

Oops, I almost forget to mention that OfferSauce is offering you 5 usd to sign up. I do not know how long this offer will last but just hurry up, click HERE to register and you will have 5 usd to use with your account and nearly 200 cheaper than cheap offers that you can buy!